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Confused and trying to understand

Hello 2 years ago i was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and this month i was diagnosed with M.S. I dont have a clue what is going on with my body. I have had all kinds of test and finally the spinal tap confirmed M.S. I am waiting to see the doctor in a few weeks to be placed on meds. The last week or so i have been experiencing all kinds of pain that I have never had before. For the last 3 days I could just barely get of bed and when I did I went back to it. I have trims that i never had before. I am losing control on the right side of my body. Is this all normal and is there someone who has both that can chat with me. Best of luck to all.

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Having several autoimmune diseases at one time is common. I have two different skin autoimmune problem along with my MS. They also treat those problems with Tecfidera that I take for my MS. You need to call your MS nurse and tell he what is happening, you may need to change your treatment. Best of Luck Potter

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Hi @cynban and welcome.

This is a trying time for you, getting familiar with a new diagnosis. So, take a deep breath and take tings slowly. Here’s a link to some good booklets about MS. I’d start with the “Newly Diagnosed” section first.

MS is capable of giving us all manner of symptoms, dependant on the location of any damage on our Central Nervous System (CNS). This damage affects the integrity of messages from Nerve endings to the brain, then the brain is unable to send the correct response. The symptoms this causes can be pins/needles, burning, numbness, incontinence, weakness, visual problems, the list goes on and on.

When the MS is playing us up, we just need to relax, take it easy and allow it to pass.

Hope this helps.

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Hi @cynban !
I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 9/2014, then 4/26/2016, I was finally diagnosed with MS. In 2014, I had lesions on my brain but nothing else was conclusive. I was given the Dx of fibromyalgia by my GP and it has been confirmed by2 rheumatologists. In 2016, MRI showed showed lesions on my brainstem and a VEP was conclusive.
It is common to be Dx’d with multiple autoimmune disorders or diseases, once the immune system goes haywire it’s kind of like every system for itself. I have Celiac, I am now Diabetic, I also have high blood pressure.
I would advise you to work closely with your neurologist, eat properly, get as much exercise as you can tolerate, and listen to your body…if it is telling you to rest, then do it don’t try to push through the fatigue. It only serves to wear to wear you down and set you up for relapse.

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I was diagnosed with MS in 1999 and in 2009 was given the all clear that it was a mistake. I was so angry for losing 10 years of my life and waiting for the bomb to drop and yet relieved that I was no longer needing to worry about MS. I put myself through uni and became a paramedic all the time still having symptoms and now ive gone back to uni to become an RN and have only a couple of months to go. I recently had some extra symptoms like extreme fatigue which I have battled for years and now serious pain in my right arm which they thought was a nerve sheath tumour. Its been decided by MRI its not. The pain is incredible and brings me to tears. Nothing stops the pain ever. I have tried heat packs, pain relief and hot showers which normally sends me numb and my legs don’t work. I went back to the doctor today and now its time to be reviewed by a new neurologist. I’m so tired of this slippery slide I’m on. Does anybody on here get inretractable pain on their skin that then has led to their ulnar nerve swelling and causing pain. I cant grip anything without feeling it and feel like ive lost some strength in my right arm.

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