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Common symptoms?

Hi, I’m new to the group and waiting for an appointment with neurology to see if I have MS. I’m waiting for a referral which seems to be taking forever… I was just wondering if anybody has any symptoms the same as me – both my legs can go numb from the knee down and I get pins and needles quite a lot of the time in my feet! I also get a numb wierd feeling in my left arm mostly my hand, where it feels quite weak. The last time I went to the doctors they found something wrong with my right eye which I didn’t know about… however it can twitch and sometimes I feel like I have to open my eyes so wide just to wake up a bit! Also however much sleep I get I’m still always tired?! Any info or similarities to help me understand and relate a bit better would be so helpful!

Thank you 😃😃

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11 months ago

Hey @ald123!

It must be a very scary and confusing place not knowing the cause of your symptoms. I was lucky in that I was diagnosed very quickly, a few days after experienced symptoms for the first time in my life. Unfortunately without an MRI it’s impossible to tell if your symptoms are MS related. Whilst people with MS may experience similar symptoms as you have described, those symptoms could also be caused by other conditions. I know that is not necessarily what you want to hear! Uncertainty can be the hardest thing. Did they tell you what happens next? Do they plan to give you an MRI do you know?

11 months ago

Dear @ald123,

Good morning,

I see from your profile that you’re from Bradford way. That’s not too far from me. Are you dependant on Bradford Royal Infirmary, or are you near the Airedale hospital by any chance? They have a very good M.S. nurse there called Jane. Lara is quite correct, you need an M.R.I. scan a.s.a.p.

If it’s not the Airedale, I have seen on Twitter post from Bradford N.H.S. Multiple Sclerosis team. They look like a nice, helpful bunch, but I personally have had no contact with them.

You’ve got to keep pressing, and enlist your G.P.’s help. Try and get in touch with the aforementioned M.S. team at Bradford. I found that if you just sit back and wait for Bradford N.H.S. to do something, you’ll be waiting for a long time (we’re coming up to the end of the financial year as well. That slows things down until the new money comes in in April).

I’m afraid that you will have to put in a lot of work yourself, but once you do, and hit the right target, there are good people who will go out of their way to help you.

Good luck. Feel free to send me a direct message if you want.

Best wishes,


11 months ago

Hi @ald123 and welcome.

The only thing common with MS symptoms is the fact that we are all different. MS is like that, no two people are the same.

I was going to provide a list of all the MS symptoms, although I don’t think that would be very helpful. But, here is a link about a symptom diary :-

This is a useful tool to ensure that you can explain everything that is going on.

Unfortunately, Neuros do seem to be very busy, so there may be a lead time on any appointment. You can short circuit this by having a private consultation, finances permitting, then switching back to the NHS list.

One last word from me, the symptoms of MS also present in various other conditions too, from a simple vitamin deficiency forwards. So, don’t assume it is MS.

11 months ago

Hi guys,

Thank you for all your messages. I started with back pain last year and had an MRI at the time I didn’t have any other symptoms and they said I had a tear in my spine and that’s what was causing the pain.
However since then I have started with the other symptoms described above which is when two doctors that I have seen have referred me to neurology for tests for MS. I have private health care so I am waiting for a referral from them as the NHS have had me waiting for about 6 months now….
Thank you again
I’ll keep you all updated 😃

11 months ago

Dear @ald123,

It may seem obvious, but do make sure that you get referred to a specialist multiple sclerosis neurologist. Some hospitals, Preston for instance, do not have a specialist multiple neurosis consultant at all (they had one, but he left for pastures new many months ago). Not all neurologists specialise in multiple sclerosis. It is easy to find yourself with one who is not as helpful as they could be. Do your research online, and make sure that you get the right one. My experience is with Leeds. They were easy to research, and it was easy to find out who specialised in multiple sclerosis, and who didn’t.

Best wishes,


11 months ago

sounds like it probably has something to do with the tare messages are not being received but nerve messages can find another root fingers crossed. MS symptons can be so different in each case lets hope for the best.

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