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Cold affecting Feet

I am constantly wary of anythng happening to my body being MS-related, but could anyone give any confirmation that my current situation may be to do with this or not:

As those of you who live in the UK will know, it is very cold at the moment, and my feet tend to get cold quite quickly. This is generally aided by layering them in at least 3 pairs of socks, keeping them in warm/hot water for a while or swivelling my chair around so that I can rest them on the radiator for a few minutes. However, they have been cold and tingly for the past 3 days now and I can’t seem to thaw them out.

They have not changed colour; no blue nails or white toes, the soles of my feet are quite numb and the sensation in my toes has dimmed, making it quite difficult to move them (not that I ever have a need for that:-)). The rest of my body seems fine.

I am going to make a doctor’s appointment tomorrow to make sure it’s nothing ‘serious’ (ie. gangrene/frostbite etc ;-)), but I wanted to get some indication as to whether this is a common thing for any MSers out there, or whether I am just being a hypochondriac?

Thanks for any advice,

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5 years ago

I think that it’s because of circulation problems. The leg muscles may not all be working as they used to when all the nerves were connected, and nerve damage may affect blood delivery somehow. I see more blood pooling in my right foot – flushed appearance. My toes often get cold. Moving your legs as much as you can helps.

5 years ago

@christophermatcham, MS affects the passage of messages from the nerve endings to the brain. It could well be that the brain is not receiving the message that your feet are cold and is therefore not taking corrective action.
That’s my view……

5 years ago

@christophermatcham, i too get this at the moment along with brain fog. I am putting it down to the cold weather and that i love the snow and have been out in it for the last 2 days so that probably dosn’t help! one of those things 🙂

Thanks guys,

Good to get a coupe of opinions. I’ve not noticed any pooling/flushing, but I d move my legs a lot…try and go for walks etc. The brain may be the problem, as usual.

5 years ago

I also suffered with cold feet for several years then i decided to buy some tight rugby/football socks. These socks are tight and go all the way up to my knees. They keep my feet and knes warm and i think i have increased feeling as well. Problem solved.

5 years ago

Hello Chris
I am sure this is the cold weather if it has only been the last few days, mine have been
Have you looked into Raynauds, this Ive had for years but what really does help are “hotties”
you can get them on the web and you just stick them to your socks, they activate heat for hours

5 years ago

I have really cold feet at the moment too, and no amount of dipping them in warm water will keep them warm. But the numbness and changed sensation…if it were me, I’d call my MS nurse to see what he/she thinks. They may think it’s a symptom of nervous system damage already done, but may also have a solution. I’ve found that my GP, while very very good, tends to rely on input from my MS nurse and neurologist. Hope it clears up soon, as it must be pretty annoying for you.

Again, thanks for your suggestions.

I’ve been to the doctor, and he has suggested that it is MS related, rather than anything more serious – I will be getting in touch with my MS Nurse, and I am seeing my consultant in 2 weeks anyway, so can broach the subject with him aswell.

GP has also re-referred me to the neurophysiotherapy unit at the local hospital for some sort of pilates – has anyone tried this? Does it help at all with balance issues?

5 years ago

@ComMS , Pilates is good for a low impact method for increasing core strength. And, core strength is a major component in balance.
I should give it a go too! 🙄

5 years ago

Very common for MS ppl to have circulation problems in the extremities, so cold fingers and feet! I am wearing think tights under trousers. Wellys when I venture out. I wake up with icy feet, despite being snuggled under duvet. I found in the evening, a fleecy blanket tucked round the lower legs (sort of foot nest!) really helps the cold. It is circulation so the little exercises help. Moving ankle clockwise and anti clockwise. Walk on tiptoe. Even just wiggling the feet about.
Massage is also good, but you need somone else to do this on you….its hard to do yr own feet. Pilates si hardcore! And a lot done on the floor, so it depends wot yr mobility is to start with. Tai chi is also good. And swimming.

5 years ago

I suffer from cold feet too and I am sure that it due to MS. Get yourself warm slipper for indoors and some proper warm socks for outdoors.. Massage is excellent solution just keep massaging your feet, have you tried acupuncture. I went once and it did really help, now it is about to choose the right one. Anyway this cold weather is a killer. If I get cold feet outside I am freezing from the bottom and can’t move very well at all.

Just thought you’d like to know – I’ve just spent £55 on a pair of ‘proper’ slippers – Swedish, sheepskin…the lot.

Thanks for all your suggestions!

5 years ago

Well done!!!!!!!!!

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