diegomontes16 25/04/17
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Chest pain

Hey guys I’ve had MS for 3 years and I’ve recently been having a lot of pain and my anxiety doesn’t help at all but today I have chest pain a little to the right of my sternum and it’s not going away it’s been for like an hour and it’s just constant it’s not excruciating but it feels like stinging/ pressure on the right and I can breathe fine and stuff I just don’t know if it’s serious or if it’s just my pains that I get in my legs arms and anywhere else. Thanks .

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10 months ago

I’m 22 btw so I don’t think it’s super serious but it hurts

10 months ago

@diegomontes16 , there’s a symptom of MS called the “MS Hug”, also known as banding. There’s some details here :-


If it doesn’t sound like this, I’d consult your Doctor to eliminate non-MS causes.

9 months ago

I continously have chest pain in centre of breast bone that cab range from pins and neddles to sharp pain can ve in my breasts or comming out my back shoulder blades some timesfeel like my bones are trying to break apart.have had lots of checks nothing nasty there so can only assume it has something to do with my ms

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