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4 years ago

A chatroom capability is something which gets suggested very occasionally. In fact, prior to the Forum Upgrade (December 2013), there was a forum link to a web-service chatroom.

To be honest, that capability wasn’t used by more than half a dozen users.

So, a chatroom is sitting on the Forum wishlist, but this list has to be prioritised, so limited demand doesn’t put a chatroom that high up on the list. 😕

4 years ago

The rain today was mild and warm, I am disappointed that my time for getting around the block has gone up. how are you dan? My cat sat nearer to me for longer than ever today and that made me very happy. When I had blogged about my experience of being in a wheelchair to go to the Eden project, a fried said “if I needed a prosthetic hand, would I turn that down”. Steve are you here or is it just your ghost? By the time I’ve worked and walked and done phisio exercises the day /time is gone. Oh bye flo. I am so pleased I was able to hesitate and kiss my partner this am before I went to the loo, no damp carpet. Welcome back flo. I have to go back to work now, even tho I’ve done a full day earlier. ….. Your turn, try to pretend I was responding to you, or you to me to 5percent of what I said, others can address the other 75, as 80 per cent response rate is optimistic for a chat room. Jx

4 years ago

@judy-gy , for a moment then, I thought you needed your bumps feeling. But, now I see where you’re coming from.

So, just consider me a late entrant into your little chat…… 😳

4 years ago

I think an actual chat room would be a great idea 🙂 …


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