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I was diagnosed in 2004 with remitting relapsing MS, in the last year it progressed to secondary progressive MS and I was put on Rebif. I am coping well with my condition and medication. My right hand is numb and I walk with a stick but when I read some of the experiences of people here and from other sources I feel like a charlatan. Like I don’t have “bad” MS so shouldn’t be part of the community.

This is probably making me sound like a weirdo but it has bugged me for a while and I had to say something.

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6 years ago

Not at all – everyone is welcome here 🙂 if you read some of the old posts you will see how different each person is affected and copes

6 years ago

I can tell you from my experience that Rebiff make wonders, u can expect the best from it! you can expect glial regeneration and ur brain and spianl cord remilinazation!

6 years ago

Everyone experiences things different (especially MS). Not being “as bad” as someone else doesn’t mean anything. We are all different and everyone’s opinion and experiences count.

6 years ago

Hi @DasJaikit

I know exactly where you’re coming from. I am a “late developer” – I’m now in my mid forties, recently diagnosed with RR (although I’ve had symptoms for quite a few years) and have only just started on Copaxone. In fact, if you were to see me in the street you would not immediately guess I was in our exclusive little club. But then, the more I talk to people on here, the more I have realised that I’m possibly not the only one in this position.

And you’re certainly not the only one on here afraid of being thought a charlatan, as I did too originally! But as time has gone on, I’ve started to actually understand what I’ve been constantly told by my GP, various Neuros, clinical MS nurses and now my fellow MSers –

everybody’s MS is different.

It’s funny, as I’d heard that so many times without really “getting” it. But I get it now, and my friends on this website have helped me see the light 🙂

Being part of the shift.MS community has been the first time I have spoken openly about my MS and the symptoms that I have to cope with, which I will happily acknowledge are pretty insignificant compared to most, particularly those with “Bad MS”.

But the fact that I don’t have those challenges to face at the moment, doesn’t make me a charlatan in any way. My story of My experiences with MS are part of the picture – helping people see that MS has its extremes, I just happen to be at one end. For now anyway.

Copaxone keep working your magic!

6 years ago

thanks everyone for commenting, the “everyone is different” is hard to wrap my head round just now and I’ve been living with it for 8 years! Rebif has helped me a lot, I was off work for two separate 6 month stints, it wasn’t great 🙁 but now *touches side of head* touch wood, I seem to have a handle on the effects if not the weirdness of it all

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