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I’m feeling sooo down, I was made redundant in February this year and on advise of family and friends I decided to go on the disability pension. Great getting some money in but I feel lost I have been working full time from when I was 16 so 20 years and now nothing. Yes it is a good thing because my MS went worse when I was working and yes it is better that I rest more because my MS is not getting any better.

Problem besides having a disease is that I want my old life back, I built a little house on my own this house is to suit me and my MS and the future whatever that may be. I need more money and I have just started a job 2 days a week BUT I hate it, the people there are great but I am so used to a bigger company and working 5 days don’t feel like I belong anywhere. Thinking I should try and find full time again even tho the job market isn’t great here. I am confused in what to do even tho you would think I would know best but I don’t.

Its confusing. Don’t know its more stressful struggling for money.

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4 years ago

I understand where you are coming from. After years of education and a high-powered job it was hard to adjust to figuring MS into my worklife.

I found my niche in a work from home position. It allows me to work full-time or almost full time because I dont have to worry about the commute, how my hair looks :), or any coworker stress. It is just about logging in from home and getting down to business. They even installed an office phone at my home (it works over the web- VOIP) so my clients dont even know I am at home unless I tell them!

Would you previous full time employer consider a work from home position? Maybe this would be the ‘fit’ that works 🙂

All the best,

4 years ago

Sweet Lori, I am so sorry that you have found yourself so sad You took the advice of family and friends and decided to go on disability, but, from what I hear you say, you feel different now and can’t get that same feeling that you had when you worked before.
Some times depression gets in the way of seeing what is really right in from of you, and it’s one of the evil side effects of our disease. I went for a long time not being able to admit it but I couldn’t see the forest from the trees. I finally got some drugs and therapy and it’s a lot work, but when you have a chronic disease you do need to work on the way it make you feel. It is hard for others to understand what it is like to loose your own control of our bodies like we do, in such a cameleon way. Come and go wain and flow.
What a wonderful thing to be so brilliant as to built your own little house. Look you could give others help towards that. Start up a something to do with that. You are one tough lady, I couldn’t even think of building a house, but dream of doing it in my back yard to get away from my life!!
YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE YOU ARE THE SAME PERSON YOU HAVE ALWAYS BEEN. You are never your disease so what it changed, honey everything changes, we sag, we bag and our boobs go south not only for the winter but for life!!!! I too that secondary progressive but I have learned to make life go on. I had to make a conscious decision to fight. I have had MS for over 30 years my greatest lesson learned is that I have it but MS will never have me.
my best to you now and always

4 years ago

Don’t forget too that full-time work can be a prop, because it conveniently fills in the hours which otherwise have to be filled with alternative activities. I read somewhere that – of all the things that retirees most regret – working more hours is never one of them! At the end of your f/t working life, whenever that is, everyone has to come to terms with living without it. I know this isn’t any answer to what you’re feeling, but as someone who has crossed this particular bridge, I would say that you can find fulfilment outside work, but it may come from surprising places and unfortunately, you can’t hurry the process along. xxx

4 years ago

Thank you soooo much for your beautiful words. It is something I just have to get use to and make the most of it. I have to remember accepting the changes in my life.

4 years ago

If you can’t do a job, look around at opportunities for volunteering. Sum your skills and search fro local charities who need people like that. They usually take less hours (so suiting you) and it can sometimes lead to a job..

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