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CBD oil?

Hi folks, I am new on here & am just curious to hear your opinions & experience of using CBD oil.
is it really as good as the reports I have read or just something else to waste your money on? I have actually tried it in the past but it was a Holland & Barrett product retailing at £20 for a tiny vile. I took it for a short while buying a total of 4 vile before deciding that I wasn’t getting any benefit. I appreciate that I didn’t really give it a proper chance to work, but I wasn’t sure if I was using the correct product! I have tried to read up on the subject but got confused by the range of oils. There was 1 that caught my eye, I think it was called Anana oil or something similar but it was so expensive,
So if anybody on here is having success using the oil I would appreciate it if you would share the type & cost of what you are using?
I expect that this information is already on the site somewhere but I only joined a couple of days back & I am still finding my way around.
Sorry if my message is a bit abrupt but this is just the way I roll, I am a little impulsive.
Also I just wanted to get a post out there.

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5 days ago

Hi and welcome.
If you use the magnifying glass top left and search for cbd you’ll find previous posts made about it.
Feel free to ask any questions we’ll normally find an answer somehow.

5 days ago

Thank you for your welcome, prompt response & tips it is appreciated.
I will have a look at the subjects in the magnifying glass a little later.
Many thanks.

5 days ago

I use cbd oil but not from holland and barret, you need to buy 10% or over in strengh or it won’t work, i find it really helps pain and to help you sleep but perhaps to won’t work for everyone

4 days ago

Hi @diaflash I spent a lot of time reading beginning of last year. I took the ‘plunge’ April last year and do find it beneficial. I take 2 different oils, one during the day and the other before bed. The reason for 2 different is they are made from different strains, are different strengths and I feel help differently. I think like ms it’s an individual thing for each of us and the amount of drops too 😉

4 days ago

@simone & adamski.
Thank you also for replying to my post.
I have ordered the Blue from CBD brothers to try but I am not sure that I selected the correct site! The site I placed my order with was called its done now so just wait to what turns up.
Just for my benefit is this the right site? every time I entered CBD brothers into Google it took to a different page, all CBD oil sites but not always mentioning the CBD brothers?
I will report back on how I find it once it arrives & iv’e tried it a few times.

I am hoping that it well help with my hand dexterity which is causing me a lot of distress continuously cramping up!
I am just recovering from a relapse I suffered in March where I lost my peripheral vision but it is improving now slowly.
Thanks again to all who posted!

4 days ago

@diaflash, theoriginalalternative was cbd brother’s. The company moved to jersey and changed the name. I use their blue in the day, it’s 25% cbd. The purple oil is what helps me sleep, it’s 16% cbd.
I feel it has the best choices available.
Adam 😉

4 days ago

Thanks for validating that site for me Adam. I feel a lot better now knowing that I have gone to the right place.

4 days ago

my CBD come from as most of the rubbish in the high street is hemp, I have been on it for a while, also on FaceBook there are CBD sites, take care as a lot of these companies charge, my blog lists a site where you can see the benefits of CBD

3 days ago

Thank you for the 2 links I will have a look at them!

3 days ago

I use 15mg full spectrum cbd oil. The helpfulness of it lasts a long time.

2 days ago

Hi, would you mind telling me in what way it helps you? I am having amongst other issues a real problem with hand dexterity in such away that it feels like my fingers have become magnetic & are sticking together, this makes it impossible to do some simple tasks like buttoning up a shirt, lifting coins from a table or texting on my mobile . I am hoping that the CBD oil will somehow neutralise this magnetism & offer me some relief.
I have bladder weakness which is a real pain, going to have Botox in my Bladder June 3rd. My memory & cognitive skills are completely shot.
I appreciate that in the grand scheme of things my difficulties must seem very futile compared to others, but I feel that this is what is holding me back the most because it effects everything that I do in life.
I only started on the Blue CBD today so very early days.
Thank you for your response!

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