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2 years ago

It was suggested to me to try oil & I tried, pain gone within seconds its amazing, no head high (which is what I can’t stand from smoking)

2 years ago

What about if you’re on Lemtrada? Or any other meds, can you still take it? X

2 years ago

Well I’m currently taking Gilenya. I’ve never taken cannabis in any form, but I’ve heard that it can help with certain MS related symptoms. I guess I need to speak to my neuro in June.

2 years ago

I use both the oil and salve that have THC in them. So far it’s the best thing I’ve found for nerve pain and sore/tight muscles. I’m sure pain killers would work, but I like those too much and won’t be taking them long term for anything again.

2 years ago

Hi @chate-patel, somebody recommended CBD brothers in another thread a few days ago (cannabis-based oils, capsules, balms). Their stuff is organic and has none of the other usual pesticide etc. problems and the company seems nice with an owner motivated by personal ethical reasons and eager to answer customer questions.

I’ve done a bit of searching and reading of the medical literature via Google Scholar (I’m a scientist but not medical) and although there are still no firm conclusions on the benefits of cannabis for MS, the available evidence (and there is a lot since the mid-2000) is strongly suggestive of positive effects of cannabis on pain, spasms, anxiety.

Even better, there is more recent evidence suggesting that some chemical components (CB1 and CB2) of cannabis are working as immunosupressants and are anti-inflammatory – so bingo for beneficial effects on the underlying causes of MS symptoms.

Just ordered a big bottle of CBD oil – it doesn’t have the psychoactive component in it but all of the other good stuff and you’re not even breaking the law 🙂

2 years ago

Thank you for the tip. I’ve just ordered some oil. Might get me off antidepressants for nerve pain….Fingers crossed!

2 years ago


I use the CBD Brothers Blue Edition Oil as part of my routine. I have some sensory issues with my left hand which are related to a Chiari Malformation rather than my MS and it certainly helps with that.

2 years ago

I was given some of the oil and I’d put it in my hot cider. My pain was gone and I was able to sleep better. Can’t use it anymore because of the trail I’m in for a new MS drug, but I wish I could it worked wonders.

2 years ago

I would like to thank everyone for their comments. I will definitely look into CBD oils.

I looked into Amazon and was amazed how easy it seems to by such products online.

My only issue ATM is will l have any side affect with taking a cannabis based product whilst taking Gilenya. Will it be safe?

Maybe I need to talk to my neuro and get his professional opinion on it.

Thank you all!

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