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Can you stop a Relapse?

Hey Everyone!

What do you all do if you think you are starting to experience a relapse? I mean is there anything you can do to help stop it coming out? I just want to sleep all the time just now and my left had is numb in areas and feels sooo weak! My eyes are a nightmare in the mornings and take a while to come into focus. But the weirdest thing is I don’t know If I am hot or cold – anyone had this? I mean the other day at work I was sitting with a t-shit but everyone was sitting with coats on moaning about the issues with the heating – but someone touched my arm and was like your freezing – but I couldn’t feel that! This all sounds like I am going mad lol It’s not fair why is this happening again? I had a relapse last February and I only just feel like I was starting to get over it! Now I have people commenting on my walking again asking if I have hurt myself.

Help – can I do anything to stop this? I am seeing my MS nurse next week and I have a MRI coming up at the start of March – but I am now scared that I will find out my treatment is not working, and then I don’t know what happens?

Sorry for going on but I am sooo scared just now – I can’t handle another relapse! I am doing everything I should but it feels like nothing is going to stop this thing – I just want it to leave me alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Avril x

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1 year ago

@avrilt , first things first, does your MS Nurse know what’s going on? You’re seeing them next week, so you may have told them already. If not, call them.

Otherwise, it’s a case of chilling out, resting and waiting for the storm to pass.

The other thing is that getting stressed will only make the situation worse. I don’t know whether there would be anything useful in the webinar I posted here:-

Managing Stress in MS

I haven’t had a chance to listen to it yet……….

1 year ago

Thanks @stumbler for your response – I was afraid that would be all I could do. I haven’t spoke to my MS Nurse – he asks too many questions and I will end up getting upset sndI can’t deal with that just now, Things have been really stressful just now, there have been yet more changes this week at work and moves. I am at the point where I actually have no idea what’s going on or what I am supposed to be doing! Everyone at work is super stressed and getting upset – so it’s not really the best environment at the moment.


1 year ago

I would definately say your work sounds like a contributing factor if this is a relapse. I find stress is the number 1 trigger for relapses. I would get on the phone with the nurse and see if it is a relapse and if they can get those steroids to you as this will help speed up the healing process for you.

1 year ago

Thank you for your support @sonia1984 Yeah work is bad, I am getting to work at home today but its really not going well – I have stuff to do but really no clue what I am doing. I used to be really quick at picking up new things and just getting on with stuff. But I just feel really different just now – complete air head or well Lesion Head lol

1 year ago

@Avril the I have been through so many relapses and near relapses over the years. I know it will be hard to do but if you can; sleep, rest and more rest.
And of course follow through with your doctor. ??

1 year ago

@Avril It definitely sounds like your work is contributing to a lot of stress. Stress + MS don’t go well together! Unfortunately there are some stressful situations, such as these, which are unavoidable. However, what I’d recommend is to dedicate half an hour of your day, or more if you can, to practice relaxation techniques, such as meditation, to help extract yourself from the external stressors. Eat well, go to bed early and try some light exercise if you can. Give your body the best chance at recovery. 🙂

1 year ago


Thanks @avengr13 and @ms14 for all your advice – I will definetly take it easy!


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