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can people see what i see ???

finding it so hard lately espeically when i have flu and i am struggling with low moods it makes everything seems even more heavier and hard work i seem to feel like i am drifting and i cannot keep a conversation flowing at the moment i miss place myself alot and i dont feel myself at all. i feel alone on my own and i am a very social person i like to talk about my feelings and i have plenty of people to talk too. but i am really struggling to have trust in myself what i mean i ask myself everything twice, double check am i doing the right thing? my aniexty then kicks in and think i am doing wrong or am i hurting anyones feelings always letting them down ive experienced people leaving me because i am ill and i thought they were my friends, and whats troubling me is i seem to forget alot more now then i used to and repeat things i miss the old me sometimes in fact i dont seem to know what my next move is on helping myself with this issues. any advice glately take it
thanks larissa x

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It seems you have a lot of things going on. It could be that certain things are linked to the anxiety vs the MS. Its really hard when you have a number of things happening at once which things are which. I dont know what your work situation and schedule look like, but approaching things scientifically would be one approach. Keep a log of whats going on and make a schedule thats super consistent. Then work in one change at a time and see what makes things a little better or worse. For instance, if your situation seems worse in the evening then the morning, is it possible to add a short nap in the middle of the day? Add mindfulness practice to your daily routine. We have been using the headspace app, but i am sure there are others. The approach is helpful in changing your relationship with anxiety. Mindfulness is recommended in the OMS book, which is what we follow. Could some form of exercise in the morning or evening help?

anyway I think the idea would be to run some experiments to see which factors you might be able to influence. Its probably also worth looking to see if their are some lifestyle changes that can be made for the better. Even if it doesnt help you with any of the above, it might reduce the odds of having another issue to make the situation worse.

Lastly if it becomes depression or something more then you can handle, surely talk to your dr about possible medications that can help bridge the situation while you figure things out.

Best wishes to you!

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Hey Larissa – it’s impossible to stay ‘up’ all the time! When you feel down and tired because of other stuff it can sometimes make any MS stuff feel worse – the fact that you’re on here talking about it seems like a good move to me – no easy answers is there – finding ways to look after yourself and be as positive as possible seems to work for me – we all have different ways of coping – what’s worked in the past – please don’t feel you are letting others down – most people do want to help – they sometimes are not sure how but it’s not your responsibility to have to explain all the time – go a bit easier on yourself – you will feel better at some point – if things are just too much and you can’t get out of the blackness talk to your GP short term meds or talking therapy can help – Take Care Lyn x

1 year ago

@larissajathomas , if you have a real dose of the flu going on, then this will be hitting you really hard.

Flu can be bad enough when it really hits a healthy person. But, with a condition of MS, the flu bug activates your compromised immune system, which then exacerbates your MS symptoms. So, the whole flu situation becomes a whole lot worse.

So, go easy on yourself. Wait for the flu to pass, then things should start to get better for you.

This is one of the reasons why the flu jab is recommended for those with MS………..

1 year ago

Dear Larissa, we all feel alone sometimes, because on the one hand we are afraid that we will not be able to keep up with the pace of other people or as you mentioned they break up relations with you. Just forget the latter ones, im sure there are milions of people who would gladly talk to you and listen to your heart.
I “lost” relations to almost all of my former friends but thats not so bad because i found new ones which always make me feel fantastic. About that thing with you memory, i sometimes also have that feeling but after some time the thought just comes back to me. In the past i was a panicman, struggling with uncertainty especcialy about packing and locking the door. Sometimes i went five times back to check if it is closed or made a photo of myself on which i was holding the doorhandle. Dont let these things bother you, just cool down. Im 200% sure you can and will do that 😀

Sorry just to add that I didn’t realize you meant you actually had the flu but rather thought you were experiencing flu like symptoms (soreness, aches, tiredness). The flu has long past here in California so I just read your note from my perspective. My bad. Some of the things like exercise would not be wise if you were actually sick.

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