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Can I take Modafinil & CBD Oil?

Hi Everyone

I am currently prescribed Modafinil for my fatigue but have recently had the opportunity to have Medical Marijuana. I have spoken to my MS Nurse concerning this and whether it would be ok to take both together or if I should stop the Modafinil?

I know this is all very early stages but I wondered whether anyone had any knowledge or experience concerning this.

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6 months ago

@adamframpton , this guy seems to think that the two go together :-

Just be careful and use trial and error. Possibly at a weekend when you have some downtime.

Anyway, how did you get medical marijuana? Any tips or hints? 😉

6 months ago

thanks @stumbler I will probably look to start this weekend.

I managed to get the medical marijuana through a friend of a friend to try and see how I get on with it. Unfortunately I cant say much more than that only that it is the proper stuff and of a very high quality.

I have two different sorts. The clear oil which I take two drops under the tongue each morning and a dark thick one, which I have a very very small amount of prior to bed.

I will let you know how I get on.

5 months ago

When I brought up the subject of cannabis with my neurologist he did not want to discuss it.
He quickly changed the subject saying he could not talk about it. What information I managed to get out of him was that most health food stores sell cannabis oil and varying quantities and strengths so go and buy some and try it. Totally unhelpful.

5 months ago

@negimaru , Doctors will not recommend any “treatments” that have not undergone properly conducted medical trials.

Anecdotal evidence does not cut it with medical professionals.

5 months ago

My neurologist last week gave me Modafinil to try. I have also tried Amantadine with no success. Cannabis oil is next on the list.
After 3 days on Modafinil I am thinking that this drug is also not good for me.
The drug has given me more energy, more alertness, and more strength. The side effects are, you cannot sleep, Headaches which effect your eyes, and the feeling that you have the mother of hangovers. Sometimes your heart feels funny.
200mg everyday might be too much to take everyday. Instead of taking this drug everyday I might take every 2 days. Modafinil lasts 12 to 15 hours so I might take it early in the morning so it is not in my system when I go to bed. Taking this drug makes you feel the same as not sleeping for 2 days. Which is worst?
I know it is only the 3rd day so I will give it a couple more days before I make my decision.
Has anybody been on Modafinil? What were your experiences.

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