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Can I get a 2nd wind?

I am currently on a beach vacation and boy I do not enjoy the beach like I once did. It’s hot as h****. I do not have the energy I once did. I find I need to get in the shade every five minutes or risk passing out. I’m struggling. This is the first I’ve been to the beach with my husband since we have become fully aware of ms affecting me. I’m not sure he is getting it. So I am trying to take moments to get my second wind, what are some suggestions??? I am dizzy, tired, emotional and now sunburnt!?!

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8 months ago

You need cooling down the old wet t.towel round the neck (being on holiday I’m sure you can find scarves etc., to deal with the sartorial elegance concerns!) re-wet with cold water every 15mins. Your blood runs closest to the surface in the neck (the caratoid artery) and therefore the blood gets cooled. Worth a try?😍

8 months ago

@angieh, what is the humidity where you are? I find this is a key component to heat fatigue.

8 months ago

I live by the beach. These are my suggestions. Go to the beach early, then go inside for the hottest part of the day. Use an umbrella for shade. Go in the sea to cool down every once in awhile and bring a small cooler with iced water and a microfiber towel you can dip in cool water and put around your neck. I actually freeze microfiber towels and take them hot places. Putting something ice cold on the back of my neck really helps. The beach is also really nice, and much cooler, at night, so enjoy long walks around sunset. Good luck! The heat is just horrible!

8 months ago

Stumbler, Humidity is around 90%, it’s pretty grueling. I love the cool towel around the neck idea! I just need to be more prepared. I seem to go into panic mode when I think I cant handle my symptoms…

8 months ago

Hi @angieh, I’m in Spain at the moment. When I go to the beach in Spain I’m either paddling in the water, or sitting in shade at a cafe sipping cool drinks. Heating up in the sum has such a strong effect with us MS people and can quickly render us unable to move quickly. My daughter says that having your wrists against a cold can of drink will help keep your temp down too. I feel a bit of an indition sitting in a cafe like that but it does seem to work! X

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