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cackled sores

I am so stressed and run down. I have developed huge canker sores all over my tongue and now on the inside of my mouth. But now I have these weird bubbles down the back of my throat. My throat and tongue are so sore and my taste buds hate everything. Is this in any way related to MS? Drs kind of laugh it off and send me home.

Signed: “crying over cankers in Calgary”

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3 years ago

To soothe them mix together equal parts liquid Benadryl and Maalox (or kaopectate). Swish and expell.

If they are painful add an equal part viscious lidocaine in a 1:1:1 solution. This probably requires an Rx (in the US it does) because it is a topical pain reliever that can dampen the gag reflex and cause you to swallow down “the wrong way”.

I would recc seeing a dentist for an evaluation and for the Rx. It is inappropriate for a doctor to dismiss your sores.

It is not harmful to swallow this solution but can lead to a change in stool. So if you need to gargle with it to get the med to sores in the way back of your mouth/throat & swallow some it is ok. Too much injested lidocaine can affect your heart rhythm but it would take a lot.

Avoid simple sugars in juice, fruit and candy for a bit too. That and spicy food can make this worse.

The bubbles can be from reflux of stomach acid causing scaring. So try an antacid, lower stress, no carbonated beverages, no high acid foods like citrus & tomato sauce. Also avoid fried foods. Get checked out for reflux.

All of those restrictions probably just inc your stress level… Do what you can and don’t stress the rest.

I hope this is helpful 🙂

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