dd11 25/04/17
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burning when touching cold

i was wondering if anybody has felt a burning sensation when touching cold. i have not been able to feel anything cold on my left side of my body, only a hot burning pain that makes me react. has anyone delt with this? it has been going on for 6 months now.

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1 year ago

@dd11 , sensory problems are part and parcel of MS.

MS damage interferes with the transmission of messages to and from our nerve endings and our brain. If our brain doesn’t know whats happening at certain nerve endings, it cannot initiate the correct response.

There’s more details here :-


1 year ago

I had that when I was diagnosed, if cool shower water spray on my arm it felt like it was burning it. Sometimes it was the opposite hot water felt ice cold, after I started on DMT it went away. Potter

1 year ago

Firey hand of doom is my favourite symptom so far it makes me feel special 😬 Like a super hero but without the shite costume and cape (just me Huddersfield town shirt what more does a superhero need). That being said this week I av mostly been walking (more like hobbling I lied) on legs made of ice and feet that feel like iv done a barefoot marathon in the arctic circle.

It’s all shits and giggles till someone giggles and shits ✌️ (Shiggles) 💩

1 year ago

I had similar issues with my latest relapse… my entire left leg felt like it was on fire but felt normal to touch… it did settle down again when the relapse started to go away again…
Just started tecfidera ( week 3 of treatment) so hoping for no more dreaded relapses! Although not looking forward to the hot flushes you can get with this medication… although on 3/4 dose now and so far so good re side effects.
Hope your sensory issues settle down like mine did 😊

1 year ago

When i get in the bath my legs feel cold…this can be a problem as sometimes i end up in a bath which is too hot. My hands dont seem to feel the temp correctly either.

1 year ago

Now, this is something that we all need to be aware of, to avoid the potential for scalding.

1 year ago

Hey new to this i hope this site helps. I had this at the start i couldnt feel my leg at all. It tingled it was roasting for me to touch unbearable but to others to touch they said it was ok. But only you knows your own leg quite like yourself. For weeks i was in relapse learning how to move my leg again as the signals jusy couldnt get to the nerves to move.

1 year ago

@stumbler there’s nowt worse than scalded tattys

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