kateybash 04/05/17
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Hi folks, I have had severe burning all day today which I’d not unusual for me especially in my right leg, however today my tibia has felt like it has a dull throbbing ache feeling. Anyone else had this feeling?

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1 year ago

@kateybash , would this explain the problem :-

https://www.mstrust.org.uk/a-z/altered-sensations ?

1 year ago

Thanks stumbler, I had read that page but just feel that this knawing pain in my shin bone feels different. Maybe it is an altered sensation… what does that lead to over time? That’s the worry. Thanks a million.

1 year ago

@kateybash , altered sensations are like trying to have a conversation in a noisy pub. Do you really get the full gist of the conversation.

This is what MS has done to our Central Nervous System (CNS), it prevents messages from our nerve endings from being received accurately by our brain. And, if the brain doesn’t know what is really going on at the nerve ending, it cannot provide an appropriate response.

However, we can still suffer from other problems too. So, while we’re learning about our MS, it’s always wise to consult our GP if we’re worried, to eliminate MS causes. 😉

1 year ago

I experienced numbness on the bottom of my left foot and this was the beginning of my symptoms. It has progressed and now I have both numbness, spasms and pain throughout my left foot and up to about my left knee. Now….in the past few days….the upper back of my left left constantly aches. All of this gives me much trouble trying to sleep. Also…I experience hypersensitivity on my skin; particularly on my legs. It’s like my skin is alive with very tiny needles. It’s not what I would call painful, but it’s quite noticeable and very annoying. It makes me fidgety. I take gabapentin for restless leg syndrome. Sleeping is my greatest trial at this point. It is so hard to lie still!

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