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Breast cancer

Hello all. I can’t find a recent relevant post, so I’m looking for collective wisdom. I am due to hear a breast cancer diagnosis and probably arrange a treatment plan in 2 days time, 5 days after the first consultation. I’m hoping to hear it’s a cyst, but as it’s at least 5cm across, and they have already given me the breast specialist nurse contact details I don’t think that’s likely. Before you ask I have no idea why I didn’t take any notice of it before, I just put it down to an existing problem.
Does anyone have experience of how the cancer might affect MS and vice versa? Surgery, chemo, radiotherapy? I’m keen to flatten this quickly and need to know if there is a useful road to follow. I know the plegridy will have to stop as I’ve only got about 12 white cells in total anyway, but anything else? (Don’t even mention the heavy duty bipolar meds)

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I read this on ms trust:

Chemotherapy drugs are used to kill white blood cells, which are part of this attack. This may slow down or stop disease activity in MS. Chemotherapy is also part of stem cell therapy. The immune system is partially or completely wiped out using chemotherapy drugs.

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Hi @spudnik46

I am really sorry to hear you have breast cancer ….. I recently read that tamoxifen is good for breast cancer and also MS. Ask your doctor . Take carexx

Breast Cancer Therapy, Tamoxifen, May Promote Myelin Repair in MS

When HSCT is done (in places like canada) they are basically using chemo drugs to remove the immune system completely. Its not the stem cells that do the healing, but rather the chemo drugs that completely destroy your bad immune system. The stems cells are basically used to give birth to a new immune system that ideally doesnt end up making the same mistake that it made the first time to give you MS.

It is important to know exactly what your choices are because there are many drugs that can be helpful in both situations.

It is really important for you to make sure you have someone that understands both dieases to some extent, or here in the US they have something called a tumor board where multiple specialists will meet.

This is also the case with other autoimmune diesaes. A number of drugs help multiple auto immune conditions including MS.

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All the best to you today.

Lisa ❤ xx

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Thankyou all for the info. I do have cancer and will be having surgery soon. The best bit is the possibility of a reboot of my immune system. Plegridy has to go on hold for a while, but the fortnightly foul temper, fever and flu won’t be missed. Plus, 2 teams of specialist nurses, both of whom are excellent.

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