bbaughman 22/05/18
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Blurry vision

So I have been dealing with blurry vision in my right eye for a couple weeks but it is getting better, vision is getting sharper and I can see colors. My doctor is still thinking about iv steroids, did anyone not use steroids and vision come back fully on its own? Let me know your experience.I really dont want to take time off of work if it is not needed….
Thanks so much!

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1 month ago

Hi bbaughman, it was 22 years ago now, but I lost the sight completely in one eye, it was weird, cause everything was tinged with purple when it was going and tinged with green when it was coming back. It was back to normal after a few weeks without taking steroids, up till now, it’s never happened again.

1 month ago

I had optic neuritis about 7 years ago, lost sight in left eye for about 6 weeks and didn’t go for steroids. The sight did come back but have colour perception issues and it can be painful but hasn’t been as bad since. I do have some amusing photos of me wearing an eye patch and attempting to cook a Christmas dinner for the family. Hope you get on ok.

1 month ago

@bbaughman , the extent of your recovery, be it full or partial, will not be altered if you have Steroids.

Steroids would just allow this recovery to occur sooner. As you are already recovering, then the optimum time to take Steroids has passed.

1 month ago

I had optic neuritis in in one eye a few years ago. The Ophthalmologist didn’t think steroids would help. The condition relieved over a few weeks and my eye sight is fine now nor are there any signs there was ever a problem.
Be patient…the body can work wonders…easy to say I know x

1 month ago

Blurred vision along with colour blindness was how I was diagnosed with ms and now my
Eye sight is back to normal so there is a chance but as every one keep saying we all experience ms differently but I hope this helps.

1 month ago

I had optic neuritis in my right eye, that, in retrospect, was probably one of my first symptoms of MS. It felt as if I was looking out of a frosted shower curtain out of that eye.Unfortunately, I got it when I was pregnant, so I could not take steroids or anything. It cleared up on its own in about 8 months. I haven’t experienced that symptom since then, but my opthamologist says that my optic nerve shows evidence of damage in that eye, but it does not affect my vision, so far as I can tell. Hang in there!

1 month ago

I had optic neuritis and double vision affecting my left eye. Both my issues (Optic Neuritis, Diplopia/double vision) resolved by itself without any steroids in a couple of months. My neurologist did not push for steroids. I could not have had a better outcome … I would say my recovery is 90% or more.

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