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Oh yes. I hate the winter. I can’t wait for the summer and a bit of warming sun.

With a bit of luck it might warm up in May 🙁

Yep I am the same and my spasticity is so much worse in the cold and stiffness is worse, many things are worse in the cold… I’m looking forward to spring 🙂


Then the blooooody summer will come and will be too hot … Can’t win lol xxx

I have to agree, I hate the cold but overcome with wrapping up & turning the heating up if I need to.
For me I hate summer more really as there in no racing the heat & that makes me very uncomfortable & finding things hard.

There is no winning with the weather unless we had a proper spring & it never changes.

I don’t like the cold, my legs gets all stiff. Bring on the summer! Or maybe the snow will still be here in june :p

I’m one of the summer haters although in fairness, here in the west of Ireland it usually only happens on a random Thursday in June so not too worried about it! It is hard to regulate temperature all the time I find, the cold causes aches and pains and the heat causes stress and more fatigue than usual. Ya just can’t win! I’m in an awful moany mood these last few days!

Crikey ~ lol I’ve just read about a white Easter!!! :/


Aileen do you take vitamin d? …. Vitamin d can help with the aches and pains 🙂

Yep I sure do @cazzzzzy thanks to a thread and link on this fab site I take 5000iu a day. Finding a great improvement in my skin (I have dermatitis on my hands) and my hair and I reckon I do feel somewhat better even in the cold.

That’s cool Aileen! … Some people really can benefit from the vitamin d, can’t say it’s really helped me (yet! – fingers still crossed)…

Do you have RRMS? From what I read it benefits this more than PPMS which is what I have… But am not gonna stop taking it yet 🙂


Well, I’ve only been diagnosed since December but my neuro reckons it’s RRMS. I had a second MRI last week so I guess that’ll tell the tale. Going back to the neuro in June so I’ll find out for sure then I guess. Haven’t had any new symptoms in about 6 months now so I’m taking that as a good sign 🙂

Glad the vit D is helping you, keep doing whatever makes you feel better I say!

hi everyone, im new to this site but totally agree abt the cold…i find the cold make me shake as if my body cant stand the cold and with shaking it makes it harder to walk. so i tend to stay indoors winter time if i dont need to go anywhere or when im not at work.

rach xx

Hi Rach ( @rg75 ) and welcome to the forum.
So, you can see that you’re not the only one that is effected by the cold weather.
If you think about it, when we go out in the cold, the body’s reaction is to tense up and muscles go tight. And that makes everything harder.
I suppose we just need to relax a bit out in the cold. Or hope that spring hurries up and gets here! 😎

Hi stumbler nice to meet u,
Yes ur right about us tensing up, but its not like we can go for a jog to warm up like we could of done before hand. We would end up knackered lol.
Anyway im here as i dont know any1 with m.s. And i feel its time to speak to people like myself that can understand how hard life can be, no one likeschange but everything keeps changing year after year.
I would like to hear how msers cope with not being able to do what they used to, as i feel everything i do is much slower and even my closest friendsdont seem to understand why……because i look just like i did before i had it.
rach x

Hi Rach … It is just way too cold right now, magnifies shakes and stiffness I already have and makes movement even harder…

But yeah you have come to the right place, you’ll get lots of understanding and advice here! 🙂


hi cazzzzzy & Aileen, Think i need to try taken some vitamin D by the sounds of it. How do u know what amount to take?
rach xx

Hi Rach.. The recommended amount is 4000iu but it is easier to find 5000iu to buy ( ) … Quite a few people here take this one! Be sure to get blood tests every 6 months to make sure you’re not overdoing it too much but a lot of people with ms have low vitamin d levels!

Hopefully soon the sun will decide to show so we can get some vitamin d naturally…

Good luck with it! 🙂 xxx

I have to say that I don’t suffer in the cold weather, it’s the heat that really affects me.

Thanks very much for that piece of info cazzzzzy, my hospital appointment is in may so il check what my last levels of vitamin d have been like and speak to the ms nurses about it first. Thanks again 🙂 xx

No worries Rach! Good luck with it! And yeah babe2be I also get affected by the heat, hypersensitive to everything… But spring weather is perfect 🙂 xxx

yep I love spring weather temperature wise (when it’s not snow that is!), it’s my fave season too!

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