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Bladder problems

I am currently waiting for an appointment with M.S. specialist next month but have a question i hope someone can help me with. This may be a bit long winded so please bear with me. My neurologist thinks i had a flare up over christmas when i experienced bladder problems (constant weeing !) pins and needles in my arms and numbness in my foot and toes. My urine sample was tested and showed a trace of blood so i was put on antibiotics which didnt seem to make much difference and the constant weeing continued waking me up 3 or 4 times a night. The doctors did another test a week later and it was clear. They asked me to bring a sample in 2 weeks later to check again and the blood was present again. The weeing problem has continued since christmas until appointment with neurologist when he gave me oxybutynin which has helped greatly. The neurologist said he thinks i may have developed new lesions in my spine which have caused my bladder problems so i had another MRI scan and got referred to the specialist neurologist at the Queen Elizabeth in Birmingham. My question is can M.S and its effects on the bladder cause there to be blood in urine or would this be a separate issue. Because of the blood showing several times i have now been referred to urology at the hospital for an endoscopy to check my bladder. I hope this makes sense and sorry for waffling on but i just dont know whether this is all because of M.S. or i have an unrelated bladder problem – its a bit of a worry really, however i keep getting episodes of pins and needles and my legs feel like they are made of concrete. I am also incredibly tired all the time and finding it very difficult to function some days. Just finding all these symptoms very difficult to cope with and just dont know whether they are caused by possible infection or by the m.s.

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No idea about blood in the urine but my bladder gives me notice of “30 seconds or less”. This has led to what might be embarrassing to most – but not to me. Those who like me understand; those who do not – that is their problem… 😉

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I, like edmondalberta get very little notice, the old saying ‘when youv’ve got to go you’ve got to go’ have had the odd accident but like everything else you learn to live with it and make adjustments. I’ve done the nappies for offspring and grandchildren and now I’m back to the baby stage myself Cest la vie!

11 months ago

@linzzzi , MS can cause urine retention, which in turn causes frequency incontinence and creates an environment in your bladder where bacteria can breed.

It’s good that you have been referred to Urology, as they can give your “waterworks” an MOT, to understand the problems that you are having. They can then recommend a way forward for you, whether this is a medication or whether Intermittent Self-Catherisation (ISC) may help you.

Please don’t be horrified by the word Catheterisation. It involves a disposable catheter, which you pop in to empty the bladder, then remove and dispose of it. It may seem an alien process, but the comfort that you get from it makes it worthwhile.

So, do press the Urologist for help with your incontinence, once they have gotten to the bottom of the blood problem.

Pins/needles and heavy legs are indicative of an MS symptom. Hopefully, the MRI Scan will show what’s going on and may start the conversation with your Neuro about MS treatments.

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