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Hi folks .im on pip and esa only awarded for 5 years so runs out 2020.iv read to carry claim ill have to go through same process again. I.e. .awful long forms and assesments(i had a pip at home, and not one at all for esa)its a while away yet but worry whats in store for me . not knowing my financial help may be in jeopardy reclaiming again especially after all horror stories out there.
So has anyone got to that time run out stage and what happens please?

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I too get PIP and ESA / Uni Credit, not at the stage you are at myself, may be I will be at some point.

All I know is, if you are told to reapply then you reapply not forgetting to use and take advantage of any help and support that’s available to you.

Best of luck with it all.

4 months ago

Hi @inslandgal, you will not have an assessment for esa. ESA is employment and support allowance (to us old codgers it’s the dole!) as long as your sick, and lets face it with ms you are unlikely to get better ( but u never know, there might be a wonderdrug waiting in the wings ha ha) you will continue to get it without any problems. Are you on the enhanced? In other words they give extra to folks like us who are never going back to work. I tried many times when I was dxd 25 years ago, before the law was changed, if I told them about the ms, I didn’t ever get the interviews (quel surprise) but if I didn’t tell, got the job, and then had a relapsec6 mths later, I was fired for ‘withholding relevant information’ talk about no win situation. Have done charity work ever since, and if you are not being chased back to work and don’t have to go to the job centre and sign on then you are on it for life until a future government changes the rules. I have the original letter from mr government giving me DLA at the highest level, for life. It was all taken away from me February when I was assessed by Capita, (private company) I lost the lot appealed straight away, got the basics back in 6 weeks (right at Christmas last yr rotten Christmas cos I’d got no money) but they took the car in Februart, couldn’t understand it because I don’t really walk at all. Am going for my tribunal on 3rd December, have had to pay a lawyer to represent me. But I have recently found out from the lawyer that taking the mobility car is standard practise if you’re late 50’s to early 60’s, reason being there is no facility for having a mobility car if you’re on Attendance Allowance, which you go onto when carers allowance finish when you’re 66, so the government are trying to stop all mobility cars to older people (they are taking them away in the hope that you wont appeal (50% don’t) apparently it doesn’t matter how disabled you are if you’re the wrong age, if you get to keep your mobility car you’ve got it for years, so they reckon by taking them away it will save a lot if money in the future, but as Motorbility is a charity I fail to see where the saving is anyway. Anyway I digress. As long as you’re on ESA, your ok, and yes, you will be ready-assessed every 3-5 years, but until that said miracle drug comes along, you should be fairly safe (when the government finally realises that ms is a degenerative disease and very unlikely to improve. Good luck.😍

4 months ago

Thankyou grandma. They just dont make it easy for us do sorry you lost your car .appawling that
Should save money sorting the lazy shirkers fleecing the system.
Im on standard pip but need enhanced now tbh really .i had a form sent out to apply but found it too stressfull and had no help so i stopped it .hope i dint have to “beg”all over again! pip .best of luck with you tribunal its so wrong ill people are put through it all.
They wont find a cure while pharma companies are making so much out of constant dmd drugs which they dish out along with awful side affects, long term problems and relapses still happen.
Stay strong fight them tossers and let us all know your outcome x

4 months ago

Get the form out again, yes it is a pain In The but , but CAB will be happy to help you fill it in. They physically filled all mine in because I don’t write anymore (can’t hold a pen). The difference will make a big difference money wise and if you’re successful, you owe me a drink! They make the forms as difficult as possible in an attempt to put people off. Beat them at their own game, ‘don’t get mad, get even’

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