ferryms 26/05/17
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Being strangled?

Hey all, not been on in a while but have a question on a potential symptom I’ve had recurring for the last couple of months, anyone else experienced a feeling of throat tightness like being choked. It usually occurs with chest tightness and left arm tingling. Not getting anywhere with gp or ms Nurse on this so putting it out to the great and good to see if anyone else has this maybe associated with muscle spasms?

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12 months ago

@ferryms, does this describe your problem :-

https://www.mstrust.org.uk/a-z/swallowing ?

I went straight to Dyspahgia. I’m surprised the GP and MS Nurse don’t know about this one…….

12 months ago

Hey @ferryms

Sorry to hear about your new symptoms, sounds awful. I have not experienced this myself but I have heard of MS causing you to choke. I do hope you are feeling better soon and get somewhere with the MS nurses, hopefully they will be able to give you something to ease this.

Take care

avril x

12 months ago

Thanks @stumbler & @avrilt not sure about Dyspahgia as don’t really have issues Swallowing, just this shit feeling of tightness round my throat and neck.

12 months ago

I wake up at least once during the night coughing because is feels like my throat is closing up. This happens sometimes during day especially if I am talking to someone. I don’t know if that is the same thing you have going on. Potter

12 months ago

I’ve had the same symptom but only once, with no issues swallowing. Sorry to hear your feeling rubbish. Hopefully you will feel better soon!

12 months ago


Hi I’ve had this symptom on numerous occasions. Mine usually starts with feeling of some thing stuck in my chest/throat (like a bit of void hasn’t gone down properly) – then it feels like tightness round my throat – like you say – some body has their hands around my throat.(I’ve not experienced tingling of the arm at the same time though) It’s very odd and eventually it goes away as fast as it strarts. I mentioned this to my ms nurse but she just seemed to type it into the computer without saying anything. I don’t have difficulty swallowing either. I think it is proberly muscle related but sorry I don’t know the answer. I find when it flares up it gets worse as the day goes on – do you? Hope somebody has some helpful advice and hope you feel better soon. moonbeam

12 months ago

Should say food not’void’ 😏 moonbeam

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