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Being Nice

The world has been being nice to me recently and given me lots of new and exciting opportunities and friends, but my body has not been nice to me at all. I have decided body is probably not nice to me because I am not being nice to it. I don’t have a proper routine. I have been given an opportunity where my time Is pretty much entirely my own for the next 13 weeks, so I am going to get myself into a routine. Go to bed and get up at reasonable times, eat healthy and regular meals (and control my portion size), get sunlight as much as possible, drink more water, take medication at set times, and start taking vitamins. So question one, other than a large dose of vitamin D, do you guys recommend any other vitamins or supplements? Question 2, is there anything you do that helps you keep to a routine?

I am also going to do things like wash dishes as soon as I use them and have a set day for laundry and chores. Also have one day where do all those pesky things like accounts, phoning so and so about thing, renewing my driving licence, cleaning out emails, sorting my filing system, etc. The sort of things that keep your head tidy! And once it’s all done I am going to stay on top of it. Thanks for reading my completely self involved forum post. Please leave hints and tips on how to be more routined and organised 🙂

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3 years ago

Sounds good to me! And when you fall off the wagon occasionally don’t beat yourself up about it. You’ll still be doing better than most folk! I try very hard to be organised, having had to sort out several aged relations who weren’t and weeping at the mess they’d let themselves get into…. Best thing for me has been sorting paperwork. I bought a set of Staples plastic zipped envelopes, slightly bigger than A4 – sort of meshed plastic, (not cheap but ultra-strong). Among my categories are’receipts/guarantees’, ‘manuals’, ‘utilities’, ‘holidays’, ‘pet’, ‘medical’, ‘tax’, ‘car’, ‘bank’, ‘annual statements’. I file under these headings whenever I get correspondence and go through them once a year to remove anything unnecessary (and bought a powerful shredder to do this). It’s getting more manageable now that you can get bills electronically – specially good not to have any more paper bank statements. I have about fifteen of these plastic envelopes and they fit into two drawers of a bureau, so no filing cabinets or piles of paper around. I find it easier to open an envelope than firkle through files in a cabinet. xxx

3 years ago

Hi @kirstylikeyeah

Sounds like you are on a mission which is great. I only take VitD supplements. I’ve recently changed my diet and am noticing such a difference

Diet tips for my routine
– Pineapple juice reduces inflammation so everyday after lunch I have a glass
– Every day at 12pm I prepare a salad for lunch
– Everyday for either breakfast or post lunch I have a box of blueberries mixed with red grapes as this seems to help with my balance.
This is my eating routine and although it was difficult to change at first, I love it now and find that I’m not sluggish in the afternoon

You are definitely on the right track by washing up after use. Try to get into a routine whereby you put all the clean dishes away the following morning whilst preparing your breakfast as it sets the day off nicely.

I set alarms on my phone for daily tasks such as vitamin D so I don’t forget

Every night I watch one of my silly programmes so that I can relax and unwind

Having a to do list really helps to organise me. I have this written out and highlight anything urgent. once it’s done I cross it out which is such a great feeling 🙂

Cameron is spot on about falling off the wagon and the zip folders. Don’t beat yourself up as we all fall off the wagon but the important thing is to climb back on. I also have the zip folders for everyday use and a filing drawer for long term paper work.

Don’t forget to takes ‘Me time’ everyday…..I tend to have 15 mins in the morning, have an hour for lunch and 15 mins in the afternoon.

Good luck and keep us posted

3 years ago

Everything both of you said was great. Going to get myself to Staples. I love pineapple juice so I am pleased it is beneficial! Unfortunately I am allergic to blueberries, I wonder if other berries work. Will investigate.

3 years ago

BTW, if you do get the envelopes (they’re white with red zips), can I suggest that at the same time you invest in a set of large labels and a marker pen. When your envelopes are safely stashed away, you’ll want to access them without bother, so each needs a very prominent label and the title written in very large letters. The plastic is too thick for sticky labels to adhere to. They need something like brown parcel tape to hold them down. (Sorry this sounds a bit technical, but you’ll see what I mean when you get the envelopes -they’re really heavy duty.) Lots of luck with this xx Kay

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