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Yes. I wondered what George’s face was doing on my BBC news page at first!!! Great promotion and hopefully it gets more people joining


I just read the article and that’s how I have found this site. I have been recently diagnosed with M.S and this seams like a great group to be a part of. I’m looking forward to finding my way around and making some friends on here who are going through the same thing.

Hiya! A friend told me about the article and what a nice surprise to find the site. Was diagnosed 16 years ago and have remained symptom free until recently which seems to be recovering well. I have a very good feeling about the support that will be available here 🙂


I also found the article having been recently diagnosed and am finding my feet around the site!! Seems very helpful so far and looking forward to making some friends to share experiences with!

Congrats George!!! Glad you had a great time and what lovely news about your engagement!!! x

Such a good article.. Posted it on facebook, It helped people around me understand better what I been through, and what I am thinking about it now. Described my day to day life spot on 🙂

I just did the same tom.. although I havent told everyone.. it will be good for them to read..
Congratulations George.. my wonderful fiance has been amazing in helping me get to grips with everything at the mo.. sitting beside me on the sofa as I read all the posts I told him of your inspirational story and how you got engaged… (as we are both new to this) he said.. “are you going to the wedding” … God I love that man ha ha.. its great when someone just wants to make sure everything is ok… good luck we are getting married in 2 years.. MS has taken over our thoughts at the mo.. but must start thinking lovely wedding thoughts again 🙂

Imspiring article. Good on yer george!

Great article, my boyfriends brother sent it to me which is how and why I joined Very excited about being able to travel whilst on Tysabri, just need the money now! Mmmm not working anymore, may have to hold that thought.

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