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3 years ago

@weegie , balance is a difficult one. We balance by using three senses :- the balance mechanism in our ears, visual feedback and physical feedback from our lower limbs.

When looking at it that way, it’s no wonder we fall over frequently! 😕

We just need to keep ourselves as fit and supple as we can. Pilates is a good form of exercise to help build up those important core muscles.

3 years ago

I try walking backwards and side ways and standing on one leg, when no one is looking. I think they help and they give friends a laugh any way! I fell over the other day getting out of the bath because I leaned over and closed my eyes at the same time to dry my hair. It’s a classic MS problem apparently, so always keep your eyes open if you bend over. Good luck!

3 years ago

The Wi-fit board and program is excellent. There’s a whole section on balance – it’s a set of games, each testing a different component of balance. It’s fun, too. Daft graphics, music etc. You should gradually able to increase your score on each of the games and at least you know you’re DOING SOMETHING to help!

3 years ago

Hi, I do Taichi which is great for balance, my balance is so much since I started Taichi.

3 years ago

So I had a great exacerbation a few months ago and ended up needing a cane to stay upright and walk. Recently I’ve started using an eliptical machine and I’ve found the strength in my legs needing work but most importantly I’ve found I don’t need the cane as much!!!
So excited about that!!!

3 years ago

I spend time at the gym on a balance board. Sometimes just falling off!! I look a knob, but at least my muscles are strong enough to compensate a bit!!

3 years ago


Balance has been an issue for me from the day MS decided to gate crash my body. I’m not sure if it’s physiological or not, probably is, but I find eating red seedless grapes makes me feel better…’s a pity chocolate doesn’t have this affect. If I’m out, I’ll always sit beside a wall as there is something about movement behind me that my head doesn’t like and if I’m out and start to feel wobbly, I’ll walk beside a wall or railing and run my hand along it to make myself feel better.

I’m also going to try some of the suggestions above to see if they help

Big hugs

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