5 years ago
bad winter births

how many on here know if there mother gave birth to you in a bad winter?lack of vitamin d in your mother at the time?

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Don’t know if mine was a bad winter birth, I was born in Feb 84, but my mum was living in Scotland at the timed, near Aberdeen. As we all know, northern Scotland is famed for its sunny, warm winters.

I know that my mum was deficient invit D when pregnant with me, but i was born in may in Bristol!

Is it the actual birth date that’s relevant? I would have thought that the period of foetal development was more significant – if your mother was vit d deficient for the first months? Not trolling here – I have often wondered about this…

It is the exposure that you received whilst in the womb that’s relevant, May babies have greatest risk of ms as you were in the womb all over winter.I was asked when I was born at physio once, but I was born at Christmas, so I blow that theory.

@CClaire lol with the blown theory 🙂

Me too, I was born in mid August. And I used to LOVE the sun too – couldn’t get enough of it. Now – not so much…

Hi there.

Was born in April so I’m buggered. Metaphorically speaking, of course. They do say that Scotland has one of the highest rates of MS sufferers. That doesn’t surprise me because we rarely see the sun. That said, we have had a few days of blistering heat recently. And I for one made the most of it. Damn tootin’ As soon as I got out of the publishing house, I headed straight to the nearest beer garden and knocked back a few. For medicinal purposes as well, mind. Canny whack it! lol.


I was born December 1980 so was in womb for the summer so I don’t know was it a rubbish summer in the Northwest of England in 1980???? who knows 🙂

I’m a December ’84 baby, another northerner from the UK!

I’m a May baby but my mother spent the majority of her pregnancy in Zambia and is very much a sun worshiper so I can’t blame the lack of vitamin D during her pregnancy!

April baby from Yorkshire!

Study from 2005 worth a read:

It’s an interesting topic, I’d love to know if there have been more recent studies… it seems we have a mix here

I’m a May ’86 baby, from sunny Portugal.

My guess is it can just increase the potential likldehood of being diagnosed with MS, there does seem to be a correlation between date of birth and likelehood of developing MS, but it is certainly not a defining factor over whether some will or will not get MS.


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