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Back and worried!

Hi I have not checked in for a while as my symptoms of tingling and numbness appeared to be gone…Saw the neurologist on 27th January and she decided to discharge me back to the GP as it appeared to be a first episode of inflammation in the nervous system. Next day the damn symptoms are back and getting worse! I tried to tell myself it’s my imagination but it’s not. The neurologist says I can be referred back anytime but it’s difficult to see the GP to ask for a referral. Should I perserve and insist asap? My friend in Australia who has MS is good at reminding me what I should be pushing for ?

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1 year ago

@thequietlady , if it’s your old symptoms that have re-surfaced then this could well be from the old inflammation damage. It’s new symptoms which would signify a new episode.

Take things easy and see if it’s just your body giving you a warning to take things easier. If it continues to be a problem, ask your GP for a telephone consultation (quicker than a face-to-face appointment) and ask for a referral.

In the meantime, please stop worrying about this. Otherwise it will become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Stress is bad for neurological problems.

1 year ago

Thanks @stumbler for your wisdom! It is difficult to tell. What about having to run to the toilet more often for a wee?! I am eating more fruit and veg as I follow Slimming World so I don’t know if that is why.

1 year ago

The mind-body connection can be huge. When I’m stressed, it switches on symptoms like a tap. When I was dxd and heard the comment ‘symptoms can come and go’, I didn’t see its significance. It’s true, although ‘coming and going’ isn’t necessarily a day-by-day thing. I had foot tingling for months before it stopped. It comes back intermittently, but the first time I got it the neuro identified it as a new symptom and changed my treatment. You don’t say if you’re definitely diagnosed and on treatment: if you’re not, now would be the time to ask why and get yourself on a regime (IMO). xx

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