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B12 injections?

Hello! It has been a few months since I’ve posted here. I do not have an MS diagnosis, though my neurologist suspects it, but my MRIs have shown no lesions so that is a great sign!

My Neuro put me on some supplements including vitamin D and b 12 injections. I skipped last month’s B12 injection because they are pretty expensive and my insurance doesn’t cover it. These past few days I have felt a relapse of symptoms that I had last fall … extremely fatigued, brain fog, and numbness and heaviness on my right side. I also experienced a strange pain on my left side in my abdomen and rib cage..almost like a pulled muscle but a bit sharper.
Anyway… I got a refill and received another B12 injection today and I’m wondering if anyone else has had positive results with B12 injections? I think that they really helped me with my last episode and I am praying that they will help with this one as well. For those of you that take B12– injections how often and how many milliliters do you take?
I am really hoping to get ahead this episode! I should also know that an added stress for me if I have been extremely high deductible with my insurance and had to refinance my house to simply pay for the MRIs that I had done last year. Oh how I wish we had socialized medicine here in the states!! Sigh…

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1 year ago

Hi actually my doctos did not talk me a out a vitamin supplements for the multiple esclerosis but I am vegan and a nutritionist student and the diary requirements for any person are 2,4 mcg if the injection is too expensive try with pills I find pills with 500 mcg so i can take them once or twice a week ask your doctor if you can make the switch or try to find out the pills with a high content of b12. also you can try eat more healthy fats like nuts olive oil coconut etc. Try to include a lot of fruits and vegetables to obtain more nutrients. you can check this page :
for a better information.

1 year ago

Hi, there.

My apologies that I don’t have a direct reply to your comment; I actually have a question back to you. My GF was recently diagnosed, so you can imagine we are looking into every possible antidote.

You mentioned above that your dr had directed you to take vitamin D as well. May I ask how much? I’ve read many great things about how vitamin D can help MS. However, I’m unsure how much, and am having difficulty finding a dr that will Rx a high dose (I asked the dumbass — rude but true — Neuro about vitamin D and she said “well, the USDA is 600 units per day). 600 units per day is nothing! Generally speaking, we are all vitamin D deficient… she needs to catch up with the times.

And I’ve already read about B12 potentially helping as well; via injections or oral consumption.


1 year ago

I’m no expert but will give my experience. I was found to be borderline low B12 last year. Initially, had B12 IM 3 times per day and gradually reduced to monthly. Guidance here is that it continues 3 times per week until neurological symptoms plateau. My neurologist recommended 5000iu D3 which I buy as cheaper than on prescription.

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