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Aversion to Sunlight – MS related?

I’m just going to throw this out there purely for my scientific survey purposes. If anyone has anything to say about this or can relate to any aspect, please advise.

I have always been a ‘night owl’. I am just naturally drawn towards operating at night, since I was very young. My ideal timetable would be wake up at about 1-2pm, become lively by 5pm, stay up throughout the night until between 5-6am then sleep and back up by 1-2pm then next day.

Being in direct sunlight has always been irritating to me although only mildly and I had only really noticed this about myself in say the last 5 years but since making the observation, looking back I realise it has been always. The sun makes me feel very tired and drained not warm and energised. I can’t really stand in direct sunlight for more than a couple of minutes before I can feel it on my skin like a mild itch. If I am standing with other people in an area when the sun is directly upon us I find myself moving out of it, any where I can find a shadowy spot to get out of it. I could be talking and moving around from spot to spot trying to avoid the light without even realising that’s what I am doing. If I am forced to spend extended periods in the sun it actually starts to make me feel physically sick and I become very short tempered and irritable.

What I’m now wondering to myself is: sunlight (bad), MS, vitamin D, history of aversion, any connections? And no I don’t think a vitamin D deficiency caused my MS, actually when I was tested I didn’t even have a vitamin D deficiency, apparently.

I know this is a pretty left field subject but entertain me.

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4 years ago

I always take wikipedia with a pinch of salt, but this article suggests some interesting avenues of investigation :-

4 years ago

@billybonza I’m exactly like u always have been.. hated sun light, always got to hot really quickly and headed for the shade. I always put it down to having tanned skin, and wearing dark clothes lol, I tan so quickly as well so I’d sun it up for half an hour get an awesome glow then avoid for a while, before getting my “real job” 5 years ago I slept til 4pm and up all night till normally am most days.. i have got a vit d deficiency tho only found out couple months back 🙂

4 years ago

Thanks Stumbler I’ll check it out. Wiki is always a good starting point if only for external links 🙂

See that’s interesting already Catfight. Night owl too, its just gone 5:50am here, another night down, just about bed time. Any opportunity I have had in life to go nocturnal I do. School holidays as a kid, annual leave at work, long weekends, whatever, any excuse I switch. And I too have quite tanned skin, always. And all I have to do is be in the sun for one day in summer and I turn very tanned and it lasts ages too. Yeah hot quickly even more so now x 10 and when I’m overheated I’m grump and then sick.

Interesting indeed….

More people, anyone got more?

4 years ago

I’m totally opposite, and enjoy the sunshine more than any shade/night spell gives, and feel better, with walking etc.I tan up easy too, but whatever works for you is fine. Just out of interest your old man wasn’t a big guy, who called himself count was it? Any cravings for blood haha.

4 years ago

I wish. Imagine the necks…?

4 years ago

I know would be a nice job.

I don’t have a disease like MS (I had to look it up to find out what that stands for) however I do have depression.

I suffer from a post traumatic stress disorder that my depression made me more vulnerable to during certain events.

Aside from that, I feel I never liked the sun much either. I avoid it and like to wear sunglasses outside, I’m not a fan of how it feels on my skin, I wear jeans and long sleeve button up shirts all summer under my motorcycle coat (it takes mental focus to stay cool for me).

As far as physical debilitations of any kind I can’t think of any unless there is a physical chemical imbalance that causes my depression and my vulnerability to things that are bad to me.

However, I rarely go to a doctor for any reason, and they don’t tend to look for stuff anyway unless a patient is having symptoms of something.

I do have a scheduled medication appointment on the 5th of next month.

After a few years of my depression deepening and becoming more debilitating, I grew to understand it and feel that something to balance me out would be healthy. I tense up enough for it to be physically painful. Super dumb to have to deal with.

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