4 years ago

We’re heard of a few problems with people uploading avatars.

Sorry, this is really annoying. Tammie and Eric (our developers) are looking into the problem at the moment and will hopefully have a solution soon.

If you are having a problem, please could you reply below – it would help them understand what’s happening.

Thanks people, we’ll update once the problem is solved.


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Hi @gpeps

Yeah… i had loads of trouble uploading an avatar.

It always looked like it was uploading but never went through.

@stumbler stepped in and solved it though.

he just shrank the size of the picture for me to 6kb and I then had zero problems uploading it.

also… did you have a look at the link to remap that i sent you regarding your fixperts project?

Hi @gpeps

There may also still be an issue with disappearing posts… I replied to this half an hour a go… and it hasn’t appeared yet…

apologies if it turns up later… but i thought half an hour was an appropriate time to wait!

I had issues with uploading an avatar. I tried repeatedly. It gave no error message, looked like it was going through…. and just failed.

@stumbler stepped in and sorted it out. he resized the picture for me to 6kb and it uploaded instantly. (top man)

maybe you just need to leave some guidance about size of pictures being used? and maybe a link to info for numpty’s like me on how to resize pictures?

also…. @gpeps, did you check out the link i sent you for re-map regarding the fixperts project? was it of interest?

oh… rats. it’s appeared. sorry.

@gpeps, from what I’m seeing, it seems to be a platform-specific problem. Basically, a Windows PC seems to navigate the process, but Apple/Android platforms seem to “get lost” in the process, if the image size is too large.
Once the image is resized to 150 x 150 pixels, the process seems to accept the image and the upload is successful.
I’m more than happy to resize images for anyone having a problem. Just drop me a PM and I’ll give you an e-mail address.

@JustJones where did you send the fixperts link? i’m really sorry if i missed it

@gpeps, I think you’ll find that particular conversation here :-

Ok, thanks @stumbler – I was scouring my inbox… let’s give @freddiems a nudge about that one

Hi @stumbler and @gpeps… thanks… sorry Greg… I thought it was you that asked about fixperts rather than freddie…

I hope you solve the avatar issues!

I tried for ages to upload an image from my iPad but it was the cropping that seemed always to go wrong. Anyway just tried again and it seems better but think that was pot luck!

@steadmeister, I’m not surprised you had problems, wearing glasses like that! 😆

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