4 years ago
At last I find a positive place :)

Hi all
I am a new MSer, I was diagnosed a little over a month ago and have found a lot of doom and gloom. I couldn’t believe the lack of positive comments on sites and today a friend sent me a link to shift and I love it. It is so positive and supportive 🙂 I’m out of work at the moment and I’m just learning but so many great comments on this site that ‘isupport’ and really help. Just wana say THANK YOU for that.

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We rant an moan sometimes.. But generally a pretty positive and informative place:)

Welcome to the madhouse. 🙂

Hey! Welcome to the Shift family! 🙂

I had to do a double take on your answer, @janep . You don’t want to know what I read it as! 😳
But, welcome, @deirdremg

Hi @deirdremg any chance you’re in Ireland? I found the same thing when I was first diagnosed. An unreal amount of what I can only call whinging! Everything is wrong with them. I even think I know at least one of the sites you were on it’s a very popular site in Ireland and the amount of whinging on there made me cross! Well, worry no more cos this site is brilliant! As jman said we do rant and moan sometimes but there’s no whinging!

Yep I’m Irish 🙂

Yay Ireland! We’ll take over this place yet!
Welcome to Shift 😀


I am from Slovakia (small country near Austria) and I can just accept with others…during summer I was on intership in England and got my first really bad relapse and I really do not know how I found this site….
But I am really happy that I did..Now I feel sometimes really lost, because my family/ friends do not understand me and on the other hand I do not want to bother them with me problems…I am not very often writing here, but just topics and opinios of most of people here are so different and revolutionar..just positive view on everything…I love it:D

Welcome! 🙂
I know what you mean about the other sites out there (so much doom and gloom) This site is great though, it has helped me a lot. Hope it helps you too 🙂

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