5 years ago
Arranging Meds

Just signed myself up for Avonex today and will be starting soon. Just wondered if anyone else finds it difficult with deliveries of their meds. I work varying hours all the time and they said someone needs to sign for it? Has this caused anyone problems or are they fairly flexible? Also moving house soon just to confuse the issue and hoping they dont make me move hospitals as mine is great after intially having an awful experience at a smaller hospital who lost my steroids…asked me where they were and my file and asked me if I knew where it was?! Any experiences of Avonex, deliveries and moving welcome!

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Delivery problems aren’t a new challenge for these people. Have a word with them and see if they can deliver to your place of work. Alternatively, I believe they can deliver to your GP, so that you can collect them from there.
Have a word, it’s good to talk.

I have mine delivered to next door’s garage! I put out the carry bag with 2 ice packs in it and pick it up when I get in at night. If my neighbour’s in, she signs for it, but usually she’s not and there’s not been a problem. You shouldn’t have to change hospitals: under the NHS charter you have the right to be treated wherever you want. My hospital is 130 miles away!

Make sure you request the signature. I take Copaxone and they said if we choose to have it delivered without a required signature then we would be responsible for replacing it if it’s lost or damaged when delivered… not a $3400 risk I’d be willing to take…

Crumbs! Don’t know if the same applies in the UK. Fortunately I live in the sticks, have got to know the driver and the delivery company are very responsive if there’s ever been an issue about arrangements (e.g. needing a double delivery in advance of a long holiday).

Hi Belle,

Ive had 2 different delivery services with 2 different types of meds- the 1st was happy to deliver to my local pharmacy, the 2nd would only deliver to Lloyds pharmacies- there was on near my old place of work, but when i moved jobs i have had to change to delivery to my parents house (because my nans always home). It is really annoying though how unflexible some of the services can be. I hope you manage to sort something xxx

I’ve just had my first delivery made to my mum at work but after that hopefully I’ll arrange it so it gets delivered when I’m home but they sound to be pretty flexible. I did ask my Local pharmacy and they were reluctant to accept it due to the fact they hadn’t dispensed it. Another option might be your MS nurse? Just going to be trial and error!!! Now my next challenge is waiting for someone to be available to show me how to administer it on the day I’ve chosen to inject. It’s taking absolutely ages!! Driving me bonkers!!

The whole injecting regime sounded terrifying but when I actually did it (as you say, Ophelia – a challenge!!)it was drop-dead easy. Among all the c….p we put up with in MS, I have found the drugs to be a non-event….. thankfully. I do know people who have had problems but that’s been because they had a useless neuro team who didn’t support them.

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