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Are symptoms M.S or Fybromyalgia?

Hi my name’s Catherine and I have been off work now for 7 months with various symptoms. Started beginning of the year when when looking at people I felt like I couldn’t focus on them and that I was going bozzeyed, saw optician who said vision hadn’t altered from last time, collapsed at work in May luckily work at a Gp surgery so was in good Hands! Was sent off by ambulance to A&E with extremely high bp. Was unstable bp for 6 months. Finally under control. I have also been experiencing blurred vision, dizziness, fuzzy head or brain fog, forgetfulness, vague feeling or zone out. Pins and needles in both hands and feet, cramping in hands and feet, restless legs, constipation, frequently having to pass urine including during night. Headaches some are banded, several occasions it has just been a very sharp stabbing in left temple that lasts seconds then goes just as quick, pain in left shoulder, heaviness in arms and legs, shortness of breath on exertion, totally exhausted and have to sleep during day even after doing simple tasks. I am seeing a Neurologist tomorrow and am nervous as to what to expect and what exactly are the most important things to mention or do I mention all??
I would be most grateful for any advise
Many thanks catherine

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1 year ago

Hi @cathycd and welcome.

Make a short, concise list of all the symptoms that you have experienced, including any unexplained medical problems in the past.

The Neuro will perform a basic examination, prodding and poking and scratching. They’ll also want an MRI scan performed, to see more of what’s going on “inside you”.

Highlight the symptoms that are causing you the most problems and see if they can arrange some relief.

Otherwise, it’s just an initial fact-finding exercise. The symptoms could be the result of MS, although they could be caused by various other problems. The Neuro is best placed to provide answers.

Let us know how it goes.

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