5 years ago
Anyone on Avonex?

So today will be my 5th injection. I think my walking, balance and vision have been getting worse because of it. The dates definately coincide.

Anything similar happened to anyone?


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I am always worse the day after the injection, been on it for nearly 2 years now


Yep, 4 months on Avonex and always worse the day after I inject. It usually resolves 48hours later. My nurse warned me that I might have an exacerbation of symptoms the next day while the side effects wane and not to be alarmed by them – I think the increase in body temperature and tiredness is the problem.

Did you have any problems at the start? I’ve been getting worse every day for over a month.

I usually only suffer in the 24-48hours after the injection itself. Like my body is fighting with it. But if you’re just feeling worse and worse all the time without improvement between doses then that sounds like something to discuss with your ms nurse or neuro. From what I understand, the exacerbation should be temporary. The nurse nurse warned me not to confuse the worsening symptoms the day after my injections with an episode but to expect them to improve within a couple of days. Good luck @Redundant Chicken.

Been on it for three years and am not aware of any long-term effects, just the crappy day after.

Thanks guys.

Just diagnosed August 28th, still hating MS and what it’s doing to me. (sob sob, moan.)

I have found that if I drink A LOT of water I do not feel as bad the next day.

I usually sleep through the night but on nights I take Avonex I drink 24-32 ounces of water and get up several times to use the facilities. The effects for me are significantly lessened with plenty of liquid.

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