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anyone know whats going on??

I have been experiencing numb and tingly feet and with occasional electric shock feelings that shot up my feet and towards my knees. Also with the MS Hug today…anyone ever feel this weird electric shock sensation???

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6 years ago

From what i’ve come to understand, this is fairly common with ms’ers and I have experienced these sort of tingly/shock sensations myself. Seems to be all linked to the whole ‘crossed wires’ thing of the brain. Hopefully this shouldn’t occur too often though as it’s just one of those niggly on/off symptoms that pops up from time to time.

6 years ago

I’ve gotten the electric shock in my neck. It’s called Lermittes (sp?) I’ve had it 2-3 times and it’s always been in the heat of the summer while I’m blow drying my hair… lesson learned now…

6 years ago

thanks for the info

6 years ago

I’ve gotton the electric shock and the tingles too. In my case it is pretty regular. Neurontin and Baclofen are meds that help.

6 years ago

I get the electric shock feeling a lot!!! Mostly in my thighs, feet, and now recently my left hand and forearm. Not a good feeling.

6 years ago

jat712 – i had it in my neck too, years ago, can remember it began with an L but can’t remember how to spell it!!!!!!!! i had it whenever i bent my head down it ran from my neck, down my spine – very strange sensation and a bit like when you have a bad tooth and you keep prodding it and it hurts – i kept bending my head down and it set it off – WHY?!?!?!?!!? because i was a plonker!!!! i think it lasted about 6 months and i’ve never had it again!

6 years ago

Snap Becks I kept on doing that, why I dont know, think I was testing to see if it had gone away! Lhermittes drove me round the bend for about three months, it was so severe I could feel it travel down my spine and through my foot that it actually lifted my toes up, its gone now thank goodness! and I dont want it back!!!

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