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I am Australian 🙂

Rhode Island here!

This site is truly international. Check out profiles of folks and IF they filled em in proper;y you will find where the person hails from. I think I found UK, US, France, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia for starters…

I am from France xx femke

Forgot to add that I was born in the Netherlands and lived in England for 25 years ! That what’s so brill about this site you can info from everywhere ! Xx femke

The Wonders of the web.. I can can skype with friends from the USA, India, New Zealand, Australia 🙂
I’m half Dutch but was born in the UK 🙂

wow thats cool! thanks everyone! well its nice too meet all of you! im from missouri! in the USA! think its pretty cool that its an international site!

North Caroline here

hey there North caroline!!!!

Indiana 🙂



Ok I lied, UK really (Jupiter just sounded more fun xD)

Indiana 🙂
@kiddiecarlos where abouts in Idiana?
I’m Northen tip close to Chicago/Michigan

California here (East of SF)

I live in Georgia, but from Washington state!

Seattle Washington, but currently in Utah.


Born and bred in UK, but you’ll find it hard to get your hands on a girl who loves her Texan roots more 😉


@bamelia I am in northern Indiana also. I live in a very small town called Goodland, which is about 30 miles north of Lafayette.

I have never heard of Goodland 😉 it must be pretty small.
I’m in South Bend. We should try to meet up half way when the weather gets better 🙂

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