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Anyone else had trouble with addiction?

I was just interested to see if anyone else has had problems with addiction? I don’t think it is necessarily related to my MS but I am very susceptible to addiction, so much so it has caused me much more pain and trouble than my MS ever has but I’ve never really linked the two together before so was interested to see if anyone else has also suffered this?

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1 year ago


What do you mean by addiction? I have been smoking more than a pack of cigarettes daily for 45+ years. More than a 6 pack of beer daily… Am I addicted? I do not think so – consider it more of a daily dietary supplement. Yet doctors keep looking at me wondering why I am not dead yet…

Smoked pot for more than 30 years; basically quit because those I did drugs with moved away. Needles – not once in my life!

I consider something an addiction when it negatively affects my life. I have always held a job until the MS hit a year ago. Been happily married to two absolutely impressive women; may the first Rest in Peace. I do not think I have problems with addiction.

So once again, what do you mean by addiction?

1 year ago

I think I probably have an addictive personality. It may have actually caused my MS, I dont believe its a symptom of MS personally but MS is a funny old thing. I smoked a lot of mj and cigs before I had kids but know I couldnt say no if mj is on offer. Its better than alcohol 😊 I guess there are different forms of addiction too, physical and emotional. I’m definitely the latter. Be happy 😁

1 year ago

I’ve been afflicted with numerous mental health issues in my time, but addiction has never been one. I think a lot of that stuff comes down to brain chemistry and wouldn’t think it has anything to do with MS. After all, we are all complex humans with a complex disease, not simple humans with a complex disease. There’s a lot more to all of us than our MS. I am 24 and extremely healthy, hardly ever drink/smoke and don’t do any drugs. Still…I get MS. Society pushes this notion that we ‘earn’ our illnesses through poor diet, excessive drinking, smoking etc, and theres a truth to it. But there’s also a truth to the fact that, a lot of the time, s*** happens for no reason.

1 year ago

Addicted to study
Addicted to big novels finished each novel per a single day.
First relapse was in the eye.
Last year cornea transplant.
Maybe if we push a nerve too much we triggure MS.

But I had visual static since 4 years old.

1 year ago

What got me thinking about a possible link is a series I watched about the brain (and an episode about addiction in particular), they explained how there is a constant battle between two sections of our brains so for example, if we see a big cake our subconscious wants us to eat it all because it will taste nice but the conflicting part of our brain will be saying don’t eat all of that, you will feel sick and put on weight etc. This constant battle in our brains is what we call will power and how much will power an individual has depends on how strong each part of their brain is. This battle is also effected by fatigue, the part of your brain that says no struggles more when you’re tired which made me wonder if any other fatigue sufferers also struggled with addiction but I guess it’s just me.

1 year ago

Yep and can’t definitely relate

1 year ago

I have long enjoyed beer and have smoked for longer. In my youth I dabbled with the gamut of stuff you oughtn’t to.
At the time of my diagnosis, I asked the doctor, “So, it’s not related to the booze or fags?”
“Get in, can I go out for a fag now?”
“Of course”.
I have always been honest with doctors (neuros and GP) and none have been bothered by my average daily equivalent of a bottle of wine an evening, converted units from pints of beer.
I have not yet received a LFT result outside of normal parameters.
I’m always tickled that, the day after Dame What’s-er name, chief health person announced that the recommended weekly amount of alcohol, for men and women is 14 units per week, Lemmy died at the age of 70. He reportedly had an appetite for Jack Daniels, amphetamines and cocaine plus he was rarely seen without a Marlboro’ in his hand.
I do not advise taking illicit substances but fags ‘n’ booze? Howay, I’ve stopped running, cycling and drumming – please don’t deny me of the simpler pleasures.

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