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Any tips on ways of better health??

Hi everyone! Hope you’re all doing well.

I’ve just had my follow up appointment following my Lemtrada treatment last month. Mainly positive as I have recovered from the treatment well and have had hardly any side affects!
Anyway, scary part was once again it was mentioned that both my Neurologist and MS nurses are worried about the amount of lesions my MRI scan showed. So now I’m just frustrated again that I literally have no bloody control over this awful disease and I’m worried about what could happen to me before I have my next round of treatement next year, as I am already experiencing a new symptom which I didn’t have before or during my treatment.

So, I’m wondering if anyone has any tips/advice of any ways I can keep myself as healthy as possible to give myself the best chance of not letting things deteriorate. I’m going to start making smoothies to ensure I get my 5a day etc etc.

Sorry for the rant 😂 any tips welcomed thank you ! X

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8 months ago

@laurasavage567 , I presume that the MRI Scan was prior to your Lemtrada treatment, so these new lesions would have pre-dated the treatment.

The Steroids, part of the treatment protocol, would be wearing off about now, which may account for this new symptom now becoming noticeable.

My tips for you is to get on with your life. Be sensible by living a healthy lifestyle, with a healthy diet and avoid worry and stress.

You have age on your side, so I feel that the odds are in your favour.

8 months ago

@laurasavage567 the only guidance I received as regards diet/ healthy life which I received from the professional which I have followed for the last two years is:

Take vitamin D supplements (I take 1000 IU a day)
Evening Primrose Oil (I take 2 grams every day)
Balanced healthy diet (5 a day / oily fish etc)
Plenty of exercise (I go the gym 3-4 times a week)
Don’t drink too much alcohol (though they weren’t specific about how much is too much which gives me a nice amount of flexibility to enjoy a few drinks!)

I suspect this is all boilerplate stuff which everyone knows but worth putting it out there.


8 months ago

@laurasavage567 all the things that @glawsdan mentions plus I would add some kind of mindfulness or meditation practice, EFT tapping, yoga, etc to keep your stress levels under control. I’m taking part in a pilot programme starting in September in my city (Lyon) to see if auto-hypnosis helps MS patients deal with stress and depression. I’ll post with results! 😉

Anyway, experiment and find something that works for you and practice a little everyday. As you say, you don’t want to let things deteriorate, and that goes for mental and emotional health as well.

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