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Any one else??? Frustrated! :(

So the past few days I have been experiencing full body muscle and joint pain. Everywhere. My neuro believes that MS does not cause this and that something else must be going on and he cannot provide me with any guidance. I feel so lost, confused, and don’t really know where to turn. Never mind that it took them three days to call me back. Does anyone else ever experience this? I am in alot of pain and just want to know if any other MS’rs have had a similar exerience. Thanks guys!

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5 years ago

@shireen, MS can cause sensory, or neuropathic, pain, but it shouldn’t cause physical pain. You can get muscle spasms, where the muscle just wants to extend, which can be uncomfortable.
Physical pain can be caused by bad habits, e.g. a bad posture or gait, compensating for MS weaknesses.
I’d go to your Primary Care Provider (PCP) as sometimes, we blame the MS on too much. We can get other problems too.
Hope this helps.

5 years ago

Thanks! I went to my GP but she had nothing to offer.

5 years ago

@shireen Are you on High dose Vit D? If not, get on it. 4,500iu per day. It may well help with the pain in your joints, it certainly helps me.

5 years ago

@pottypete – thanks for the advice! I wam definitely going to try to see if it makes a difference!

5 years ago

Vit D certainly helps me, but I would DEFINITELY get checked by a physio, preferably by a neuro physio. They will assess if it’s a gait problem and/or if this has caused damage or wear and tear to other limbs. I’ve had countless issues like this, as my gait was affected from day one. Like you, I found that the GP was no help and I stumbled across the physio solution by accident. You can usually self-refer if you pay yourself: that’s what I did but then on the advice of the physio went back to the GP and got prescribed a set of sessions on the NHS – in fact, I think the physio wrote a letter to the GP with her dx of what was going on. So it ended well and I took control! NB Also advise NOT to go to a chiropracter: they do ‘adjustments’ which is not what’s needed. You need an in-depth gait analysis, plus each of your limbs tested for function and strength, then exercises to address weaknesses and imbalances. Hope this helps.

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