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Any advice

Dear all i suffer from relapsing remitting ms and am really struggling at present getting suitable accommodation for me and my family. The upshot of it all is i was diagnosed in 2009 ive had to finish work this February 2017 as a result i ended up declairing myself personaly bankrupt this loseing my home as the practitioner wanted my share  of the collateral and my wife owed hers out in debt incurred whilst i was ill last year, After this the house was sold and we were deemed homless and social housing offered us a propert been so desperate with 2 young children in our care we accepted one at out of area after 2 months we have realised this is such a bad move that we felt railroaded to take.

It was offered stating it had a downstairs toilet it was in a real bad state on top this
my wife is trying to care for me whilst taking the children in excess of 24 miles a day to schools. The final straw was at the weekend my wife had taken the children shopping and i needed the toilet i came downstairs to a thudding sound half way down stairs my right leg give way i grabbed the banninster and twisted my elbow and forearm hence ending up in a heap at the bottom of the stairs and no support network to contact been so far away. The noises were local youths hurling snowballs at my windows we have since had Christmas decorations stolen from the front of our house and threats of windows been broken . My 3 year old grandaughter cant settle my grandson wont go to bed on his own and in between ive found its causing me so much stress amplifying my ms symptoms.

I really nead to get back within our support network and a more suitable property that is either one level or downstairs facilities.

Im so frightened to be left up here on my own incase such a thing more serious may happen in the future by me tumbling and been left injured for a long period of time. Our grandchildren are on a unsupervised special guardianship with us from birth and we are trying to keep regulatory and routine as much as possible for them with there schools and freinds etc but surely child social services along with adult social services should be in a position to intervene to help us get more suitable accomodation within our social network. Ive been under the hospital psychology and when i go back next week she will notice my mental deterioration as i feel so hopeless. Has anybody experienced anything simular they may be able to advice on or give any contacts of organisations that may be able to help.

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1 year ago

Bloody hell, @scottevans , I know life can throw us some curve balls, but you’ve really had more than your fair share.

And, yes, the stress of all this will be playing havoc with your MS. You need to manage this as best you can.

So, what to do with your circumstances? Yes, both Adult and Child Social Services should be intervening, to ensure that this accommodation meets all your needs. You could try and get your local Councillor involved, although my personal experience suggests they may be as useful as a chocolate teapot. But, that’s just my experience, you may fare better.

Your local MP may also be able to rattle some cages on your behalf.

Get your GP on-side. He/She needs to support you in your case that the accommodation is an unsuitable, unhealhy and unsafe environment.

Your local Citizen’s Advice Bureau (CAB) may be able to offer some assistance too.

The MS Society Helpline (0808 800 8000) may also be able to offer some advice.

I hope some of this helps.

1 year ago

So sad to know you’ve bern having rough time 🙁
I remember i was at bf’s flat and yh kids broke the window police kinda disregarded.
But since I’ve been looking for support best i could volunteered at citizens advice my manager talked to her mate about me being homeless staying with my bf
Her friend was at hillcrest housing they called me after 4 months offered m a very safe flat they said how do u like ur flat to be i said diwnstairs and they saw oroof of my ms they gave me a flat with an elevator and their company was so patient high standard people tgey were providing water electrecety and gas i was paying for them till i saw a benefit that can take tax away and makes me pay for water sewerage only things were slowly improving if u r on benefit try to apply for alsuch a flat

I hope you best luck and yh i was daignosed 2005 and i was in edinburgh.

I hope ur life improves and becomes better than ever nothing is impossible. 🙂

1 year ago

Hello @scottevans. I cannot help you with the institutions as I do not live in UK but wanted to leave a word of strength to you.

You have had a rough ride lately and hats down to you for reaching out here in this forum. Going through what you are living right now shows a huge display of strength and resilience. Fighting as you are fighting with MS on top of it is absolutely breathtaking.

I hope you come around on top and that your difficulties start slowing down to give you some peace, peace that you seem to deserve abundantly.

Be strong Scott, you are more than your MS and there will be more to life than these bad times.

1 year ago

You have already had some great advice. I would also suggest that you have a meeting with your grandchildren’s school (preferably the head or a special needs co-ordinator). Schools can often get the LA and social services to act much more quickly than an individual can. The school should also be able to offer support in terms of helping your granchildren cope with the stress of your situation.

I hope that you start to get the help that you need very soon.

1 year ago

You could get a portable commode until you are able to move or just a jug to urinate in. I am sure you have a MS group that could loan you one until you move. My mother had ALS and a ALS group brought out what equipment she needed. My dad didn’t have to carry her anymore to the other side of the house in the middle of the night. I hope you get everything worked out. Potter

1 year ago

When i was at similar condition hillcrest accepted me to be one of their tenats paying 0£ The benefits were paying it all also it was paying tax partly electricity and gaz all i had to be is water and sewerage. And it was reducted too
There was a nersery at ground floor. And there was a loft so i never had to go on stairs ever. Sorry for mentioning this again.

Be safe

2 months ago

Hi all just a quick update finally got housed in a nice location close to support network schools etc so that side have things have calmed down but just can’t shake the depression 600mg pregablin 200mg sertraline things no different so down

2 months ago

@scottevans , Well, that’s progress in the right direction.

You’ve had one helluva lot to deal with, so it’ll take time for you to feel settled and comfortable. It’s one step at a time…….

2 months ago

Hi @scottevans, so pleased that things are moving in the right direction. I’m lucky that I’ve lived in my house for 43 years and last year mr council kindly put me in a through lift (at last, it took 18 mths and I had not been able to go upstairs to use my disabled bathroom for a year!) and a big ramp at the front so I can get my electric wheelchair straight in the house. I had lots if contact with the council Occupational Therapists and it was them that pushed things through. You are obviously in contact with your local council, so try and get in touch with the local O.C’s and see if they can help you even further🙏🏻😍

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