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anxiety :-(

I’ve got a long medical history of anxiety and depression even before I was diagnosed with MS, I’ve had this sudden onset of anxiety now, before it did go by itself without treatments I keep telling myself this is ridiculous but still cant beat it 🙁 the doctor gave me citalopram to help but that has unwanted side effects I don’t want Iam a strong person I can beat it I hope!!! 🙁 has anyone else took citalopram for anxiety ? How does anyone deal with this?

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4 years ago

Hi @Doodlexx hope you are OK and managing as best you can. First off yes you can beat this and you will be able to manage your anxiety 🙂

I have taken Citalopram for a depressive episode when things got too much and I was struggling dealing with life including my diagnosis of RRMS! I had no problem with side effects and it offered some relief over a difficult period.

I would really advise talking therapies along side the medication if you choose to take it. I am a nurse myself working in mental health and really advocate interventions such as CBT and mindfulness. My MS nurse ran a CBT group with the neuro psychologist for people
with MS struggling with mood etc, and it was excellent.

I’m not sure where you live but it might be worth seeing whats avaliable in your area. Your GP can refer you to IAPT that will provide interventions for anxiety and depression, or you could ask your ms nurse to refer you to neuropsychology.

Mindfulness is great for anxiety and depression and worth finding out about/reading up on. There is an app you can get for smart phones (and tablets) called Insight Timer, it’s free and has a number of guided meditations for you to try.

Shiftms and Speakeasy is excellent for support and advice often from those going through exactly the same as you.

I hope this helps and wish you all the best. Let us know how you get on.

Claire x

4 years ago

Hi Doodle, haven’t taken those meds for anxiety but wanted to offer my support as I really struggle with it as well, I did CBT as well and it worked well, I find mornings the worst time, it feels like ground hog day so I write down my fears and hopes for the day and keep writing until I start to find little glimmers of light im my writing and work on that. Good luck Doodle xx

4 years ago

Thanks guys so helpful 🙂 x

4 years ago

I take amitriptyline for anxiety and it pretty well prevents it. As it’s also a preferred med for nerve pain, it’s a double whammy! I also sleep better, which in turn helps with mental state. I echo what’s been said about CBT. With me, the most difficult thing was accepting that I would need treatment at all! I’m strong-willed and stubborn and it just didn’t sit well with how I viewed myself. First off the counsellor got me to write an account of what had happened from day 1 of the MS diagnosis process. I had to read it back to her and we went through it all… sorting out the wood from the trees and getting an action plan from it – a mixture of medical and emotional issues, plus some practical adjustments to make life easier. At every session, we then took the action plan forward as I successfully managed each bit of it. I was just as stubborn about getting a blue badge – took me five years to apply! But it’s all part of the acceptance bit. And of course, now I’m on the meds and have the blue badge, I don’t give either a second thought. Too busy!

I now suffer massively with anxiety, to the point of paralysis sometimes……panic attacks i know! I have just started CBT and only had two sessions so can’t say if it’s useful or not yet. I now know though that it’s made me feel a lot better just talking about things. I’m a bit of a ‘bottle things up’ kinda bloke normally!!
It’s only got bad in the last year and a half really as my MS has seemed to progress a bit and walking is worse, a couple of falls……confidence wains!!

I was on Citalopram for about 2 years….no side effects and worked pretty well. I just thought that in the end it stopped working so well for me so now changed to pregabalin which as with @cameron and Amitriptyline works for nerve pain too!!

4 years ago

Please try meditation! 🙂 … Here is a nice track you can try!

So worth it if you can manage this once a day… The relaxed peaceful feeling is oh so worth it & will help you feel so good!!!


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