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i was diagnosed 2 months ago and have decided after alot of reading that i do not want to use any of the DMD’s. I’ve changed my diet (recovery and best bet diet).
Has anyone else decided not to use the DMD’s? How has your MS been?

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6 years ago

I decided not to take any DMDs because I wanted to start a family and I have yet to have a true relapse. Everything I read was about reducing the relapse rate which made me come to this decision. My family see the drugs as a cure – if that were true of course I would take them! I changed my diet too because I noticed some food/drink make my symptoms worse (sugar, caffeine), but it’s all very personal I guess. My MS has kinda stayed the same – but now that I am pregnant I can’t really tell for sure 😛

6 years ago

I’m not sure anyone wants to have to take medication, especially not if it needs to be injected. My MS was pretty hardcore, even prior to diagnosis, so for me, I’ve always taken the option of DMDs when they’ve been offered.

The choice of to DMD or not to DMD is very personal, and like everyones MS, unique for each individual. I hope the diet option works for you, it certainly seems to have for some 🙂

Hey there lovely,

I had a very similar reaction to you, actually reading your post it could have been me a couple of years ago. I did a year natural with just diet, vitamins and rest but it just got too tough.

I was kind of forced into taking meds because my MS flared so badly. I think being strong, eating right and excercising is awesome and should always be the first port of call but just try and keep open minded, if your standard of living is suffering because of the disease listen carefully to your med team and make your own mind up about it.

I am on Tysabri and it has changed my life, before I was confined to the house and know with aid of some gadgets I am back at work and living again.

I will stop babbling now. Good luck xx

6 years ago

Totally anti-pharmaceuticals and believe diet and the right vitamins and mineral is the way to go, except when I have a relapse where I’m happy to take intravenous steroids since they’re only short term and they definitely seem to help me.

The best thing I take is turmeric. Half a teaspoon with my porridge in the morning reduces the tremors I have.

6 years ago

Hi I agree that deciding not to take DMDs is a personal choice. I was diagnosed in 2009 and did not go no DMDs because of a number of reason. I did some research about LDN using the LDN Research Trust. I am in uk, so it can be difficult to get unless you use E-Med an online website where i get my script. I am still taking it 3 years later and things seem to be ok for me no relapses yet. Might be worth investigating. I also take Baseline AM/PM and EPA which gives me all the vitamins i need. hope this helps.

6 years ago

I’m interested to read this thread as I’m not sure what option I want to take. I was diagnosed a month ago during a pretty aggressive relapse. I was given a course of oral steroids which have worked incredibly and 95% of my symptoms have gone completely. I’m still awaiting my consultant appointment to discuss DMD’s. At my dx appointment it was suggested that beta interferon treatment would be beneficial. However the inward battle I’m having is, when I feel SO well, why would I even consider treatment, especially when it’s injectable? I might be one of those ‘lucky’ ones who doesn’t relapse again for years…do I wait and see how/if it progresses or grab treatment with both hands?


6 years ago

I’m also trying to wotk out what is the best course of action is now. I’ve been pretty much sympton free for 16 years and only recently had an episode so it was the right desision at the time for me not to take DMD. Although, I dont think I took any decision as it was never offered 🙂 I ended up getting involved in yoga and that must have helped in some good way over the years. In the past year i’ve had a lot of life changing going on and that is almost behind me now so maybe the stress has pushed me over the edge a little. If I end up going down the DMD route i’ll let you know what the outcome is. Just need my numb hand to wakeup! Although I’m quickly learning to cope with my non-domiant hand. Best Wisheds Hugh

6 years ago

It must be a very personal decision, not a choice for me, as I have ppms.

Best of luck whatever you decide.

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