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Answer will be deeper

One fact of MS will NEVER sit right with me! “Your immune system is ATTACKING your Myelin”? I think it’s more like an intervention for a underlying problem.
the OMS lifestyle is proof enough to me that working with our bodies to improve its natural function as an alternative to dropping toxic diversions on a perfect biological system, albeit a system in distress?
Why did people have success with the procedure for CCSVI? Because it was complimenting the circulatory system by increasing blood flow so our system could do what it’s designed to do. But still the underlying distress remains?
Stem cell treatments? Look promising but if the underlying problem doesn’t go away, wouldn’t it be better save yourself the procedure and be treated with Mitoxantrone? (I have had that treatment)
Why do people feel better doing things like Tai Chi, Yoga, Chinese medicine, Meditation etc……. I think because while our minds are focussed on relieving stress our body gets a chance to do what it’s meant to do ie. Rebuilding.
Will this disease be cured at a biological/natural maybe even a transplant level? And not a chemical/drug level?
None of my rantings are backed by medical facts or precedence they are just thoughts?

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1 year ago

Hey @nrl312 yeah it is a scary thought that your body is attacking itself. I have improved my diet but I still take a DMD too. I try and chill as much as possible and have reduced my hours at work. I will do anything to stop these constant relapses. I don’t have any answers, all I do know is that I will do anything in my control even if it makes me feel just 1% better.

Avril x

1 year ago

I don’t think about anything too deeply I’m lucky like that I suppose. Worse things happen at sea fecking be reet.

1 year ago

I started listening to my body after two major relapses. A friend gave me a book to read THE WAHLS PROTOCOL and it gave me hope, I started looking at my future in a very different way. I have been on the Wahls Protocol for a year and a half, (no gluten or dairy – high-fat, low carb diet). Also, do yoga and meditate every day and every week I feel slightly better. Sleep is a wonderful thing letting the brain rest to let the body heal. I have declined DMDs (for now)!

Interesting research coming out about the Gut and link to Autoimmune issues. I know a few people now on this protocol and they are doing really well. Time will tell but I’m sticking at it for the foreseeable.

1 year ago

Thank you @joh73 the Overcoming MS book and lifestyle changes by George Jellinek does mention WAHLS Protocol and is somewhat along similar lines with additional new research.
There is definitely something in their research.

1 year ago

Thanks @nr1321 will look out for that book. For the first time for as long as I can remember I don’t feel I’ll after food. The protocol has changed quite a lot for me and the ripple effects are happening too with my family and some friends.

1 year ago

I’m inclined to agree with you, which may sound like I’m on the fence. My son has ms and was only diagnosed a couple of weeks ago (still learning). Not to keen on the meds and not to keen on him going blind. Seems you can’t win in a game of Russian roulette. Treat the fire not the smoke. It can take a lot to treat a fire that has been burning a long time. I had stomach trouble and it took 3 years of a change of diet to make it better. It did improve very slowly. The doctors idea was tablets, I chose to change my diet and I am now better than ever. It can take time to undo the damage and is a large commitment or a life of tablets? Russian roulette!

1 year ago

First 5 years after daignosed
In 2005 i never got any relapse becsuse my dear parents never told me.

why would i accuse my immune system of something gas poisining or pollution weird virus might cause :/
I dont care how many scientists agree with the immune monster theory yes im skeptical because when i eat healthy and make it stronger it never attacks me.
Each indivisual has a mind and own experience to judge.
Maybe they are right but most probably no. But im fine walking dancing running off relapses for years thats enough proof for myself and im off DMD’s. and yh idc about mri images. Most ppl might have ms and never know about it and have a regular life.

Kind regards x

1 year ago

Pardon, another thing I’d like to ask @nrl321 what did you mean by mentioning people who did CCSIV did it work good for them or no ??
execuse my poor english i misunderstood what you meant. 🙃

1 year ago

I was recently researching CCSIV to better understand it for myself and found the following that may be useful to anyone interested.

CCSVI was first proposed in 2009 by Italian vascular surgeon, Dr. Paolo Zamboni – that multiple sclerosis (MS) is caused by chronic blockage of the veins that drain the brain. The current scientific consensus is that MS is a chronic autoimmune disease, and the pathology is caused by primary inflammation. Dr. Zamboni believed that the venous anomalies he has discovered are the primary cause and the inflammation is secondary.

For nearly a decade, Dr. Zamboni investigated inadequate blood flow as a potential cause of MS and has promoted reopening the veins that serve the central nervous system as a possible means of treating the progressive neural disease.

But his latest clinical trial has convinced Zamboni that the treatment simply doesn’t work.

“The procedure cannot be recommended for treatment of patients with MS,” Zamboni and his colleagues concluded in their paper on the clinical trial, published online recently in JAMA Neurology. “No further double-blinded clinical studies are needed”

1 year ago

Thanks @dekkor
I’ve heard about this theory ever since it came out all global organizations refused it instantly which gave it the benefit of the daubt is it treatments big companies that gains countries thousands per a year who effected those organization specialy that i have a weird vessel between my gum and skull since the year before daignose but since dr zambobi admits its failure no need to risk because its not simple operation.😒

Thanks again 😏

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