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Annoying things people say

I just want to have a whinge. Had a total stranger approach me in my scooter at the take away place, saying she needs a scooter (so many pple say Thant to me). I was nice she asked what my problem was I told her, than she says I KNOW SOMEONE WHO HAD STEM CELL AND NOW SHE CAN WALK. And that I should do a fund me so I can do it.

I’m sorry but I have heard this soo many times and it shits me, I don’t care about that person, seriously. I said oh that’s nice lucky for her. But I do know other pple with MS who had same and made no difference and everyone is different.

Pple just don’t understand.

I’ll just take a deep breath now😋

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1 year ago

Yep one program, that showed something that may have worked a bit.. And then they’ve read the reports in the daily smell..

I’f I was feeling cruel I’d have told her, yep, you can have the MS, it comes with the scooter 🙂

Hang in there..

1 year ago

So annoying Lorag I was just about to post about some dozy bint at my new job saying to me I was lucky to have a disabled parking space when she had a long walk up the hill. Get this she is in the disability and well being team! I replied I’d rather not have MS and take my chances with parking. What the ever chuffing eck!

Winge number 2 I can’t get to work as it’s not safe to drive from my house and I can’t safely walk down the hill to the bus stop but so called “equitable practice” mean that HR have determined anyone missing work because of weather has to make up the hours or take annual leave. Not equitable in my book for people with disabilities – hey ho

Thanks for letting me join the grrrr thread

Moving on the snow looks lovely and I am finally getting around to sewing some curtains

1 year ago

Some people can’t help themselves, but they’re just trying to be inquisitive/helpful.

“Thanks but I’ve already considered that” is a good response, then move on.

1 year ago

Next time which I’m sure there would be a next time I’ll just say thanks but I know all about it.

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