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Annoyed by hospital physio

Hi. Before Christmas I was admitted to hospital for blurred, double vision and to have iv steroids. The hospital physios came around to visit everyone and they made me make a cup of tea and walk. I have mobility issues in that my right leg tremors and shakes when exasperated. She made me walk without crutches but holding on to her. She told me that my leg tremors ‘aren’t like those she’s seen in ms’. This peed me off. She made my leg worse and more painful and then just left. I spoke to my nurse about it and he said not to worry, they just look at getting you home. I have a neuro physio or knows all about my leg issues and has said she has seen this many times in ms patients, as my neurologist has said too. It shouldn’t play on my mind but it keeps doing!

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2 years ago

Sorry you’re having such a rubbish time. You’re nurse is right though. Not all physios are made as equal. Reality is, an inpatient physio is very low down in the physio pecking order. The majority of inpatient physios are either newly qualified or still doing the job because they aren’t good enough to get a new one. Whilst there are plenty of senior physios who work in inpatients they are normally supervising and training all the time – so you know if you see one of those. The outpatient physios are normally 2 pay bands higher, they are super specialist and see folk like you each day (specialist pay & specialist role) . It’s a bit like saying one of the ward based doctors was not as knowledgeable as your consultant – it’s just the hierarchy.

Try to forget about it and crack on with the physios you like. Are you doing a bit better now you’ve got home? Did read your previous post and want to give you a hug… it’s just tricky via a forum box!

2 years ago

Thank you so much for replying @littlebopeep. That’s a really good way of putting it! They were pretty cruel and reduced many of the other patients to tears.

I am doing a lot better thank you. The steroids seem to do the trick. I still get a lot of pain in my eyes and they get tired easily. I use cooling pads on them at night which help a little. Thank you for the virtual hug too! It’s much appreciated! I hope you’re doing well? X

2 years ago

Just to add that your story resonates with me – in that I too get ‘unreasonably/illogically’ upset if anything or anyone disturbs the balance of coping with MS. I now tell myself ‘expect to be upset’! The upside of this is that I know that a word from somebody I trust will bring me back to reality. Glad it’s done so for you. xx Kay

2 years ago

Also the phrase “physioterrorist” might help you. Used that one frequently.

Thanks, im quite chipper. Trying to convince my body in wants to engage with my New Years resolution of go to the gym more. Currently sat on a gym bench trying to convince my left arm that it can lift a dumbbell. I’ve tried reasoning with it, begging it, now resorted to getting angry with it…. Next step is quitting and going to sit in the Starbucks upstairs until my partner is done with his Olympic weight lifting session ?

Glad your doing a bit better. Like the idea of cooling pads, it’s like ms therapy, but you can pretend your only wearing them as your concerned about wrinkles ?. X

Kay – thanks for the voice of experience… I think I might use the expect to be upset one

2 years ago

My last physio irritated me within seconds, I couldn’t bring myself to go back!!

2 years ago

ask to see one of the MS Physios who are more experienced than the standard Physio if you have access (ask your MS Nurse if you have access to one

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