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6 years ago


Not really sure what the answer is but I don’t think anger and bitterness are it. I belive those emotions just get in the way. Try and be positive and strong read everything and do anything which will enable you to stay healthy. Doing stuff….anything, will help.

Good luck


6 years ago

Stress brought on my last attack. I was good for 8 years and then penned up anger and stress got me, I am convinced. I knew it was going to happen if I kept harboring the anger and sure enough it did. I really need help not holding on to painful or stressful episodes in my life. Those feelings will definitely make your symptoms worse and could invite more relapses. I, like you, have a very hard time letting go. This is just one of thousands of links on this subject.

6 years ago

i’ve had cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) on and off over the years – its great as it provides the tools to help yourself manage emotions/stress/negative thoughts which impact on my ms at the time but can be used in the future too as they are tools that help you for life!

6 years ago

I think it can be a vicious circle. MS (I think) makes us more sensitive and sensitised. I react more strongly to things – good and bad. I am upset more easily. Then when I’m upset, symptoms come on. Little worries keep coming back. I automatically think the worst if faced with a potential problem. The GP calls it ‘catastrophising’. I was helped when put on antidepressants, which stopped the ‘worry worm’ in its tracks. She also offered cognitive behaviour therapy but I haven’t needed it, the (low-dose)pills are enough. I think the worst option would be to do nothing. We need to keep strong to manage the MS and problems like this are a distraction. Remember – it’s not you being weak!

6 years ago

Because I’m still pretty much in denial over my MS (I’m getting better, I typed “my MS” after all, and I can now say the phrase without choking up) I feel angry and bitter all the time. As cliché as it is, I remind myself to take a deep breath and say ‘no worries’ or some such aloud. It burns up so much energy!

You could also try tensing every muscle in your body for a few seconds (even your jaw and ears!) and then slowly letting it go. I think that distracts me.

And, if all else fails, find your favorite funniest movie/comedian/activity and play it on repeat until you’re smiling for the heck of it.

You can do it, @katemcg! Let it go! 😀

6 years ago

I agree with Becks, CBT would be a great way forward for you Kate. All that negativity needs to be released to set yourself free of the past. I had a seriously damaging childhood, plus I was suffering from PTSD that required me to see a clinical psychologist for ages. I finally let go of my demons and felt like my soul had been cleansed. Now the memories don’t cause me to stress or pain, as I have forgiven myself for feeling guilt over something beyond my control.
Be your own best friend, not your worst enemy!

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