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3 years ago

@Chate , look up the term “emotional lability” (that is spelt right!)

We can suffer extremes, often finding sad things funny and vice versa.

3 years ago

@stumbler is correct about everything except his very English use of the word “spelt” I am pretty old now and have never seen the use of it like that! But I am American 🙂

Spelled vs. spelt – Grammarist
In American English, spelt primarily refers to the hardy wheat grown mostly in Europe, and the verb spell makes spelled in the past tense and as a past participle.

@Chate , Very common, and very difficult to control yourself. I actually found myself wanting to hit business associates for the first time in my life in the year leading up to my DX. I also suffered the opposite extreme by crying easily. It was indicative of untreated active MS. Make sure you are getting proper treatment.

3 years ago

Hi Chate,

Yeah I can relate, I know exactly what you’re talking about. Unlike mbrsnic I had wanted to hit my colleagues, co workers and especially superiors for years before I got diagnosed, all warranted. So maybe in my case MS just exacerbated or ‘inflamed’ (God I’m good) my pre-existing condition of being unable to swallow BS and take s*** from idiots, not sure.

Irrespective, in the months after my diagnosis I was steaming, ropeable most of the time. Any sort of multitasking or competing priorities would just cause me to lash out or snap in frustration. Like listening to music, trying to quickly read something and then the phone rings….BOOM! Too much. Even when I knew I was being a d****** and unreasonable or snapping at people when clearly they had nothing to do with it, it wasn’t their fault but I would still be taking it out on them, I just couldn’t help it. No good.

What I did about it was went to the doc and said gimme something that is non-addictive, that doesn’t have side effects, that doesnt make you sleep all the time, that will help me. And I want it in the lowest dose possible, at least to start off with. He prescribed me Sodium Valproate. See a copy/paste summary below. No drugs are without side effects, but I’m saying I had none, not a one, actually to be fair maybe slight weight gain but nothing to worry about. Its help me a lot. And its managed to get my bi-polar back in check too:) Thats a joke, I don’t have bi-polar, most probably.

Valproate is an anticonvulsant drug which is approved for use in epilepsy and bipolar disorder. It has also been used for neuropathic pain and migraine prophylaxis.

Gastrointestinal adverse effects are common, particularly at the start of therapy. Important adverse effects include pancreatitis, hepatitis, weight gain and sedation. There is an increased risk of fetal abnormalities if valproate is taken in pregnancy.

Measuring concentrations of serum valproate is often unnecessary. They do not correlate closely with its therapeutic effects.

If withdrawal of valproate is required, this should be done slowly if possible. Rapid cessation may provoke seizures in patients with epilepsy.”

3 years ago

It is probably a sign of fatigue. My son and boyfriend will tell you I get to certain point in the day, and if I don’t rest I am liable to bite people’s head off.
They have to say SHUT UP! SIT DOWN! have a cup of tea…………chillllll

Try noting WHEN this happens…fit in a rest somewhere in your day.

3 years ago

I have to agree with @reddevine – when the fatigue is bad my patience seems to disappear completely, I find myself being unreasonable, unkind and I really don’t like myself much when I get like that. Fortunately that’s usually he point where I randomly fall asleep where I am and spare my poor husband from my inner bitch 🙂

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