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Okay when I was first diagnosed with the MS I was numb everywhere and I had trouble walking not a lot but I would trip and I fell a few times that seems to be much better. I have more cognitive problems. Seriously the thought process sucks and it’s almost like when I have a relapse which I haven’t had in years thank God but when I have a relapse it’s like a crazy person. Also now when I talk to people it takes me awhile to find the words sometimes. I’m sure people think I’m on something but I’m not. And memory forget about it. I don’t know it just makes me feel like an idiot. And then when you don’t get good sleep it makes it worse.funny when I first got diagnosed I couldn’t keep my eyes open I would take naps everyday and I slept like a champ and now all of a sudden for the past couple years I cannot sleep. I’m glad I found this site because I don’t want to be alone and all this crazy and when you read about others you know you’re not crazy. Thanks everybody.

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4 months ago

I use to have a problem with insomnia but I bought a sound machine, stayed away from electronics for 30 minutes and kept a regular sleep schedule and it worked. Lately I have had trouble falling asleep so I have started taking 1mg of Melatonin right before I get in bed. It doesn’t keep you asleep but it lulls me into to sleep. Potter

4 months ago

I also had all these issues so you’re not alone. I felt so dumb. I couldn’t remember even 2 seconds before. I could picture the word I wanted to say, but couldn’t say it. Mines gotten so much better thankfully. I have sleep issues too. I can’t sleep for more than 3 hours at a time now and it takes hours for me to go back to bed. It’s frustrating since we’re supposed to make sure we’re getting enough sleep. Hopefully things improve!

4 months ago

I to suffer from can’t remember sh%t. Sometimes I slur and sound drunk. I don’t drink lol. And I’m a writer of suspense thrillers lol. Who would have thunk it. I think we’re harder on ourselves because of idealic expectations. People who love us hopefully understand us, if not…it’s on them. We have enough to deal with having this unpredictable disease. Big Hugs

4 months ago

My short-term memory is sporadic at best and I tend to randomly forget words I’ve used before, which can be embarrassing mid-sentence

4 months ago

Hello @kirsten_oakland, you are definitely not crazy but this condition we have most certainly is! I echo all the symptoms with memory and sleep that you wrote about. It’s important that we have each other so that we don’t feel isolated and alone x

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