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Hi everyone, i was newly diagnosed w MS about 2 months ago, i’m only 18 and just graduated highschool last year. Young and eager to find myself and start college… just imagine how devasted i was when i found out i had an incurable disease. Everything is still fresh and i’m learning something new about MS everyday. I’m terrified but hopeful and just keeping my head up. Very excited to meet people that finally understand exactly what i’m going through. ♥️

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1 year ago

Hello there @imagwms, big welcome to you. There have been lots of people around your age posting recently, so you’re not alone. Yes, a massive shock for you, it’s gonna take a while to get your head around it. Yes, at this time, it’s incurable, but treatable. There is great hope for the near future, breakthroughs are really speeding things up. I got diagnosed last year, it’s pretty much taken me a full year to absorb, process and rebuild. But I’ve made as good a job as I can. I have got so much support from Shift, and I really hope you do too. Be strong lovely person, it’s going to be OK x

1 year ago

@vixen your kind words are greatly appreciated and means a lot. thankyou 😇

1 year ago


Don’t get too worried. You are are the same person you were before you found out; seriously.

My sister was one of the final polio babies in North America; Denise graduated from University, traveled Australia for a year before coming back o Canada. Got married, been retired for years, etc…

You may have to make dietary changes (I definitely did) and other adjustments along the way. Yet life is a journey & we all have the same destination; enjoy the ride…

1 year ago


First off, I want to share something I found the other day that really spoke to me:

In fact, it made me cry. But for good reasons. It’s all very, very true. Life has changed and it will require you to adjust, but your life is still your life and you are still you.

I was diagnosed in the summer, but I know something about how life with MS can be because my mother also has it. My mother was diagnosed when she was 23 years old. What helps is to have people who can relate to and who can be there with you and for you, sharing experiences in places like right here. So I’m glad you found us. (I’m new around here, having joined just over week ago).

One thing one of my nurses said to me when I was in my initial round of neurology appointments and preparing to begin treatment was that it’s a good time to be diagnosed (if we have to at all, of course) because research has come such a long way and there’s a lot of promise in developments.

1 year ago

@edmontonalberta so very true and your sisters story is truly inspiring and gives me a “ive got this” attitude!

@daybyday very touching words, thanks for sharing them, also my doctor told me the same which gave me hope. In fact I see it now as my job to spread all the awareness possible about MS and the everyday challenges we endure.

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