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Alcohol and ms..

I love my few beer and my couple of wee joints twice a week. It was always my routine, scrub house and have a few beer and blasts one night during the week, and then head to mammys on Saturday night for a repeat of Wed night. I know I’ve to cut down on the beer, so if I do that cutting down on weed will follow suit.. But omigodddddddd this MS malarkey has got me by the balls. Please tell me your stories and keep me strong..
Finding this community very supportive
Wee Mandy xx

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12 months ago

I haven’t cut down on the beers… who told you that? Get a second opinion!

12 months ago


I had beer last night; since the doctors are doing nothing to help me – I’m just going to continue living as I always have. Life is a journey & we all have he same destination; have fun along the way… πŸ˜‰

12 months ago

I agree with all you beautiful people. There’s been know one to say, stop it,.. Please keep me in your prayers.. Xx

12 months ago

@mandy1979 , we have to have a bit of fun and downtime in life.

If this MS malarkey has “got you by the balls”, I fear you may be telling us next that the beer is putting hair on your chest! Now, that may be a problem. Ha! Ha!

Just remember that “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”………….. πŸ˜‰

12 months ago

Aww I know Jack can become a dull boy.. I’ve prince on.. Heaven xx

12 months ago

My weekend on the medicinal Guinness is the only thing that keeps me sane!

12 months ago

Dear mandy1979

I have PPMS (Primary Progressive MS). I was (and still am) a big red-wine lover. HOWEVER, I had to stop imbibing because alcohol is a NEUROTOXIN. Sadly, alcohol and MS do not go together. I value the few, really good brain cells I have left. I stopped drinking red wine back in 2012, after I was diagnosed. Don’t chance it…you have too much to live for!!


12 months ago


I too have PPMS – there is so much ingested in our bodies on a weekly basis. A few beer (or tokes) for you is nothing. We are who we are…

My wife was diagnosed with Lupus 15 years ago. She was given prednisone among other pills to take on a daily basis. After research she threw the drugs away & ate a 100% healthy diet to counter the disease. Today she is perfectly healthy for a woman turning 60 in March…

She completely changed my diet; no eggs, red or processed meat; I have no idea what milk is anymore. Fish & chicken are mandatory; Smoothie are non-negotiable. She blends Blueberries, raspberries, pineapple, etc into a healthy drink every morning. And now salads are on my menu.

I take 5000 mg of Vitamin D plus 6000mg of Omega daily. She just ordered Mangosteen fruit beverage; I will be taking 30 ml three times daily. It is not as if I am completely ignoring the MS; just adjusting what goes through my stomach.

Good luck!

12 months ago


I’ve personally found stopping drinking works better for me.

i have balance issues, and on the whole it seems alcohol tends to make things worse for me. even just a few beers.

since stopping drinking, i sleep better, and have lost a shitload of weight, mainly diet and by exercise.
i use to drink like a fish, so sure the extra calories not consumed from beer has helped lose the belly!

ultimately, while some research suggest alcohol to moderate level can give us some health benefits, theres counter arguments made..
i am tysbari so they monitor my liver, and when i was first tested it was slightly at the wrong level, whereas has healed since… guessing the no drinking has resulted in that.

the good thing is, i make my own rules, and i enjoyed a couple of light beers with a friend last week (first ones since the end of summer) and to be honest, i enjoyed it, but no intention to make it a regular occurrence.

so, i would say, do what works for you, but some moderation is advised. Only my opinion.

with the wacky baccy, do you use tobacco to make joints?
i quit smoking cigarettes, cold turkey after onset and being been told quite clearly, and having since read many studies, that smoking may be the worst possible thing we can do for our MS ( it didn’t come too much as a shock to hear that to be honest….)
so would advise not to use tobacco, but otherwise, ive heard some components ( maybe the THC) of canabis may have some benefits to MS… but to the levels of how much weed you smoke, could probably be another conversation in itself.

12 months ago

I never drank before ms and won’t start doing it now but I don’t see a problem if it’s not every day. For weed I’d say look into different strains and see what helps you more. I know CBD oil make my pins and needles dispear.

12 months ago


Hi there
God life wouldn’t be worth living without alcohol, it’s the one of many things I enjoy and so far can’t see how it may affect my MS in anyway.
Bottoms up πŸ·πŸΈπŸΉπŸΊπŸ»πŸ‘
Rebecca πŸ˜†

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